Longarm Quilting

The quilting process is the dressing on the quilt you have devoted so much time and creative effort to make.  The type of quilting you choose will be based on the quilt itself. For example, a patchwork quilt with no sashing and a small border looks lovely with edge to edge quilting so that the focal point of the quilt is the piecing itself. On the other hand, an appliqué quilt, sampler or medallion quilt looks lovely with custom quilting using individual background fills and special feather or other motifs in the sashing, borders, and some of the blocks. And some quilts may look nice with a combination of edge to edge quilting in the body of the quilt and a special border treatment. Edge to edge quilting creates a cohesive design over the entire quilt and enhances and showcases the piecing of the quilt. Edge to edge quilting may be done freehand or with the use of a pantograph pattern. Pantograph designs are done using a pattern and the same design is used over the entire quilt. You will find examples of many edge to edge patterns at some of these websites:

Freehand designs are unique and are similar to pantographs because the same design is stitched over the entire quilt. Because the quilter is guiding the machine by hand throughout, there are some variations in the design. Prices for edge to edge quilting vary based on the density of the quilting with a range of $0.015-$0.02 per square inch for moderately spaced designs. Very dense designs would be more. Custom quilting is done by placing individual motifs and background fills in specific areas in a quilt based on the quilt design itself. Each area of the quilt including blocks, sashing, and borders will have unique, but unified quilting designs. The cost for custom quilting ranges from $0.04-$0.07 per square inch. You will see examples of edge to edge and custom quilting on the Home page of this website. An estimate of quilting cost will be provided to you prior to agreement for quilting.  There is a minimum cost of $35.00for smaller quilts.


Quilt Preparation. The quilt top should be pressed and all stray threads clipped and removed. The quilt top should be square and flat with all four sides the same length and no fullness or waviness in either the top or the borders. Borders should be applied by measuring through the center of the quilt, pinning the border to the quilt matching the center and ends and easing the border to the quilt as needed. The backing and batting should be at least 8 inches longer and 8 inches wider than the quilt top. This allows 4 inches on each side to be attached to the machine during the quilting process. The backing should be high quality  quilting fabric. Bed sheets or other fabrics with a very high thread count are not suitable and may result in skipped stitches throughout the quilting. Batik fabric is discouraged as a backing because of the high thread count and the stiffness of the fabric.

Batting and Backing. Wide backing (108 inches) is stocked in neutral colors: light blue, light green, ivory, and light yellow at a cost of $0.33 per linear inch. We stock Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 cotton/poly batting, 120 inch wide batting on a roll. It is a low loft and provides a very soft, old-fashioned feel for your quilt after quilting. The cost for this batting is $0.25 per linear inch. There are many other types of batting and you may provide your own batting. There are certain types and brands of batting that work particularly well on the longarm machine. The preferred battings are Quilter’s Dream, Warm and Natural, or Hobbs heirloom. These battings all come in cotton, wool, polyester, and silk. You may choose another batting, but please check with us first to be sure that the batting will work for longarm quilting before you make your purchase.

Scheduling, Payment, and Shipping. Quilts are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, and will be completed as soon as possible. Payment is due at the time of completion. Personal checks, cash, and Paypal payments are accepted at the time of customer pickup of the quilt or at the time of shipping. Shipping costs are added to the total costs. Approximate cost for shipping a full size quilt is $15-20.00 via UPS or USPS Priority mail.


Only the best quality quilting thread is used. Based on the quilting to be done and the customer’s request, either a 100% long staple cotton or high sheen polyester quilting thread may be used.