Borders for Tilted Quilt Blocks Cut With the Strip Die

Have you used the Serendipity tool in Electric Quilt 7? It’s a lot of fun. I tried the tilted quilt block tool. With the serendipity tool, the corner of the block comes all the way to the edge of the tilt. I wanted the tilt to have some width at both ends of the triangle, so I used the tool twice and it worked perfectly.

I had gotten inspiration from a table runner that I saw on Facebook. I realized that the tilted blocks would be perfect for the screen printed animals that I have had for almost a year now. Haven’t I always said each quilt comes into being in its own time? Recently, I have really liked quilts with soft or bright colors and white sashing and white backgrounds – it just looks so clean and neat and happy. So here’s the project I worked on last week (besides quilting a couple of quilts).

The blocks are screen prints from Jody Cedzidlo at Flytrap Studios. She makes great t-shirts with her art and was generous to print fabric for me.

Tilted Blocks with Screen Print Animals


Tilted Block


Cutting Instructions for Block Borders



Borders for Tilted Quilt Blocks Cut With the Strip Die — 2 Comments

  1. Wow, Marjorie, it looks so beautiful! I absolutely love how it came out–what a tasteful and fun way to present my little animals. So great!!