Accuquilt EQ7 Links

How to Use the Accuquilt GO Cutting Equivalents Chart with Electric Quilt

Texting in EQ7 Software

How Many Patches Do I Need?

Block 1: Birds in the Air

Block 2: Sarah’s Choice

Block 3: School Girl’s Puzzle (also called Old Maid’s Puzzle)

Block 4: Dutchman’s Puzzle

Download Blocks 1-4

Block 5: Turnstile Block

Block 6: Ohio Star

Block 7: Road to Oklahoma

Block 8: Hourglass 1

Download Blocks 5-8:

Block 9: Clay’s Choice

Block 10: Basket of Flowers

Block 11: Variable Star

Block 12: Single Irish Chain

Download Blocks 9-12

Block 13: Double Monkey Wrench aka Hole in the Barn Door aka Churn Dash


Accuquilt EQ7 Links — 3 Comments

  1. Hi, Marjorie. Thanks for all of the great Go cutting equivalents, however I think there is an error on your Double Monkey Wrench cutting instructions for the D and E block. Would the strips need to be cut at 2.5 inches, then subcut to 4.5 (this unit would finish at 4″ and combine with the other compenents to form a 12″ finished block). As written, this subunit would finish at 3″, which the other compenents finish at 4″.

    Take care!

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for these tutorial’s for EQ and Accuquilt. When ever I have a question, it’s nice to know I can check out your blog and usually find an answer.

  3. That is a good ideal,I never would have thought to use the text tool. I like using EQ7, it just doesn’t have a better way to add your instructions to your project while you work on it. I hope they will improve on that part of their software. I also use Quilt Pro which does allow you to work on your instructions and make any changes you need to make. It’s in the print center, under editable preview.

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