Another Friday

Fridays come so fast, so much to be done in a week and so quickly they pass whether I get it all done or not. Fridays bring a new excitement for my “short week” of Saturday and Sunday. I can completely change gears, doing and thinking about new things. And lately I haven’t been making plans for the short week, so maybe haven’t created a lot of new things. Sometimes I just need time to let things simmer. Lately, I’ve been thinking about my dragon. I think she needs to be redrawn. And instead of applique, I may use paint. And she’s sort of prissy, she needs to have a little more flair.  

Spring is coming and warmth is needed to do painting. I think this year it will be nice to have Ezri to help me do some fabric marbling and fabric painting. She has been so delightful lately. The seizures have not been apparent for the last 2-3 weeks. Hopefully the bad colds will stay at bay for awhile. Today is only the second day I’ve felt human in the last week, so I know I’m on the mend.

Off to finish the long week and get ready for the short one. 

Weekend Baby Quilt Finished

Here’s a quilt I finished this weekend. Mother pieced it, and I quilted it. This quilt is for the twins–one quilt for the two of them. I used my Quilt EZ template system for the spirals. The stylus isn’t working very well anymore–have written Quilt EZ, but no response yet. I got the idea for quilting the corners from Janet’s example of the Bullseye quilt on LAC. I made the “corner” square where she made it circular. I think I like the way she did it better.

The piecing design is great for Mother as her piecing is not as accurate now that she only has the use of one arm. This is a square with sashing on two sides in an L-shape. I can square this pieced unit up perfectly and it goes together like a dream. It makes a beautiful quilt that can be made from scraps or a coordinated fabric medley.


Backpack for a little girl

Made a cute backpack for Ezri today. Have had this idea for awhile. There’s a great free pattern for a tote bag on the Lazy Girls Design blog. I just changed the straps around to make it into a backpack. Here are some pictures.  Here are more detailed pictures in a pdf file: childs-backpack1 




Bag showing configuration of straps for backpack.
Bag showing configuration of straps for backpack.



Bag showing both straps attached and bottom of bag boxed.
Bag showing both straps attached and bottom of bag boxed.



A cute little girl and her backpack.
A cute little girl and her backpack.

Happy New Year – mid-January

Somehow, I am just now beginning to feel as if life is getting back to normal after a year and a half of worry about Ezriel and her HH. In the meantime three other grandchildren have been born. 

I am just beginning to re-learn my machine after having it retrofitted with a stitch regulator. My first attempts were actually worse than non-stitch regulated. 

But the best news of all–Ezri has decided to talk. She is naming everything and seems to finally be able to say anything she wants. And all this just days after being evaluated as being delayed in her speech. 

Am in Cincy with the twins–will post pictures when I have some.


An Introduction to the Twins

I haven’t written about the twins, but they were born November 19, weighed 5 lbs 9oz and 6 lbs and now weigh almost 8 pounds each. They are growing like weeds. 

Here’s a slide show of these two cute little fellows:


Pre-Phoenix Trip – Baby Quilts

We’re back from Phoenix, but wanted to recap the past couple of months, as life has been a rollercoaster. After deciding that Ezri had to have surgery in late July-early August, I knew there were three baby quilts to be made: one for my nephew’s daughter due November 15, and two for my daughter’s twins due mid-November. I also decided to make one for Ezri to take with us on the trip. Here’s a recap of these quilts.

The first quilt was designed in EQ6. It took some puttering with the design until I got what I wanted. I used Makower teddy bear prints and batiks. The batiks were Maverick Star blocks from and the teddy bear blocks were courthouse steps. I used a border print for the border. The quilting was a feather meander in the outer triangles and a star meander in the center blocks. I used piano keys on the border, as I did not want to detract from the print. The framing strips on the maverick star blocks were not the same width as the courthouse steps blocks–miscalculation/measurement on my part b/c I was using blocks that had already been made. It is still a nice quilt.

Teddy Bear Quilt Teddy Bear Quilt Closeup

Here’s the EQ6 file: Courthouse Steps Baby Quilts

The next two quilts I made were for Emily’s twins, Nate and Wyatt. She used Dwell Studios designs for the nursery–the transportation and zoo themes. The quilts are blocks of color with white sashing. They are quilted with one of my designs: Spiral Stars. The digital design can be purchased from Intelligent

Color Blocks Quilts Color Blocks Quilt

Here are the quilts with the Dwell Studio linens:

Color Block Quilt and Dwell Studio Linens Second Color Block Quilt and Dwell Studio linens

The last quilt I made before leaving was one for Ezri to have for the trip to Phoenix. I used the Strip Twist pattern from I used the Moda Butterfly Fling jelly roll precut strips to make piecing quicker. I quilted the blocks with free-style square feathers and meandering butterflies in the border. Here are some photos.

Butterfly Fling Strip Twist Butterfly Fling Strip Twist Quilting Detail