The Ginger Cookie Quilt is here

A special Christmas project with the AccuQuilt GO! Gingerbread Cookie and decorations dies and the Reiko Kato Small Houses die.

Finally I can show you the fun project that Sherry Gray and I have been working on all summer. We are so excited about it. With the beautiful AccuQuilt Gingerbread cookies and cookie decorations, we thought it would be fun to build a Gingerbread village – and so we did. Using the die for Reiko Kato’s small houses, I digitized a set of Gingerbread houses to use in this quilt. Here are those adorable houses.

Gingerbread Houses

And then we made a quilt using the houses and the cookies. The houses are set on point on a gray background and the Gingerbread Cookies are on a full size 6″ square. The connector blocks are made with the 4″ Mix & Match Qube as a 9 patch for a finished 6″ block and the border is made of the same units in the connector blocks but with the 6″ Mix & Match Qube.

Ginger Cookie Quilt

The quilt is for sale in the web shop or you can purchase the houses or the gingerbread cookies separately.

Here are some closeups of the embroidery and the border.


About That Leftover Fabric and Scraps

A scrappy baby doll quilt.

In the last post I showed some blocks I’ve been working on that use up scraps from the Sampler QAL. And the one I made last summer for the Qube Workout QAL was a scrappy one using the 8″ Qube. Of course there were some extra HST’s left from that too. So my granddaughter (the one with four older brothers) is getting a quilt for her baby doll with some of the extra HST’s. She plays and dresses like a real girlie girl but becomes a rough and tough girl when it comes to her brothers. This is her baby doll quilt that was quilted yesterday. I laid a strip of the binding fabric on one edge so you can see how it will be bound. It’s definitely bright.

Scrappy Baby Doll Quilt

And here’s a picture of that cute little one. I think the scrappy quilt will match her sunglasses perfectly.


Orphan Quilt Blocks and a little leftover fabric

Just a little post about how I used the leftover quarter square triangles from my sampler quilt. What do you do with leftover scraps from your finished projects?

Have I mentioned the loaves and the fishes? The New Testament story of Jesus feeding the masses is the way I feel about fabric when a quilt is finished. There’s always fabric left that needs purpose – or at least in my mind it needs purpose. And after quilting for 40 years I still am trying to decide what to do each time.

After finishing the Sampler quilt, there were quite a few quarter square triangles left from the 4″ Qube as well as many from the 8″ Qube. What else would one do with them except make a Star in a Star block. Believe it or not, I was able to make 12 blocks. They’re not all finished, but they are well on the way.

And while I was doing the side project of the star in a star block making, there was a red quilt to bind so I changed the thread on my machine and when the top thread was changed, the bobbin somehow didn’t get changed.

The red stitched pieces sat beside the machine for several days. And then during the weekend, I decided to take out the red stitches and restitch them together. Unstitching doesn’t bother me – maybe because when the girls were in 4-H, I took out stitches for a lot of the sewing group so they wouldn’t be discouraged by their mistakes.

Here are the “in progress” star in a star blocks – two are finished. They finish at 8″, but will likely get a border of some sort to make them bigger since there are only 12 of them.

Hope you have a happy day and can do a little quilting for fun.

Oh, and by the way, what do you do with the leftover scraps from your finished projects? 

Sampler Quilt Finished with Pictures

I’ve been working on a new project and trying to finish the Sampler Quilt from May for awhile now. Finally, this past week, I hand stitched the binding and yesterday I was taking pictures when the grandchildren stopped by. The pictures were quickly taken and the quilt is ready to find a home somewhere in this house. I think it turned out all right. Can you see Lucy, our Great Dane puppy, walking and sniffing the ground behind the quilt. She has to be right there with us no matter what we’re doing.

If you’re interested, the patterns are still posted. Just click the QAL menu at the top of the blog.

There were enough scraps left over that I have already made twelve more blocks for another quilt and twelve more blocks for a third quilt. Will show you those in the coming days. As always, fabric is like fishes and loaves. I’m a little tired of this fabric for now but will keep plugging along.

Just to give you a glimpse of the new project, it’s embroidery and it’s Christmas. And it’s finished and almost ready to show.


Ta Da – The End is Near – Time to Finish This Quilt

This is the last post for the Qube Workout QAL. I have some settings for inspiration, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many ways quilt blocks can be set. Some participants have already finished theirs and some have chosen some unusual settings which are just beautiful. There are so many beautiful ways to set your quilt blocks that I could not possibly cover even a small portion of them. All you have to do is go to Pinterest and search for quilt block setting ideas.

For today, I am going to show you some very traditional ideas for sashing. The wonderful thing about sampler quilts is that they lend themselves to these traditional ideas, but also to some very unique settings. This is just the starting point. I can’t wait to see how you decide to set yours.

And remember, I will be taking the instructions down at the end of August, so if you need any of the information, please go ahead and download it now.

This setting has a simple background sashing between blocks.

And this setting has a light sashing with darker cornerstones.

This setting uses alternating contrasting borders around each block with a darker border on the outside of the quilt. 

And the next two examples have a triple sashing but the nine patch cornerstones have opposite colorings which gives a completely different look to the setting.


Catching up with Sampler Blocks

I finally decided to add this blog to Bloglovin so I am posting the link here. Follow my blog with Bloglovin I will create a widget on the sidebar so that the link won’t have to be posted every time.

I spent a lot of yesterday trying to catch up on the Sampler Quilt Along. I think I have 8 blocks now and am pleased with the progress. The pale green background doesn’t show up as pale green in the pics. I think it looks a little yellow – but that’s the nature of digital pictures. The next step is to finish the last four blocks and then decide how to set them into a quilt.

I am updating the pics – I re-took the pics and here are all 8 blocks so far.



Block 12 – Summer Posies Qube Workout QAL

Wow – 12 weeks and this is the last block. We started in May and ending in August. This block is called Summer Posies as there is a strong center with some petals in the corners. Each center is different and uses dies from a different Qube (Mix & Match, Angles, or Corners). Enjoy this last block and get ready to put those blocks together into a quilt top or if you only have a few – how about a wall hanging or a table topper or table runner. Click on the blocks below or follow the link in the top menu to get to the instructions.

Block 12 Summer Posies
Block 12 Summer Posies

Block 11 – Triangle Tesselation Qube Workout QAL

Happy Monday! It’s August and the weather is cooler here in North Carolina. This week’s block is another block made in quarters. You may have noticed that some blocks are made in a 9-patch configuration which lends itself to “rows” and other blocks are made in a 4-patch configuration. You may have wondered how these blocks are designed. Here’s my starting point for this 4-patch configuration. I took a quarter of a block with a line drawing, turned the line drawing in each quadrant and then colored and re-colored it until it was pleasing. Here’s the base quadrant.

And here’s the set of blocks made from the starting quadrant. Click on the pictures below or click on the menu at the top of this page to find the patterns.


Block 10 – Spin Class Qube Workout QAL

Block 10 of the Qube Workout QAL is ready for download. This block isn’t complicated, but offers some oppostunities for experimenting with color combinations and lots of practice for half square triangles mixed with other units.

This is the beginning of a new week and last week was just a little too much excitement for us. One set of grandchildren went on an outdoor Colorado vacation while the other set of grandchildren were home with very very bad colds. The colds were so bad that the children were tested for Covid – all were negative, but they were sick. Will they go back to summer school? Days after they went home with a cold, someone at the school did get Covid. The parents are making decisions. While the adults around here are all vaccinated, the children are not. It is interesting that none of the adults got the cold.

We had lots more excitement with a mouse in the house (which is now gone, thank goodness). That’s a funny story I’ll tell you later. But we ended the week with putting up a basketball goal. That is the final step from our construction last summer. The children have really missed the basketball goal. Ted did most of it, but I got up on the scaffolding with him to help hold the backboard while he put the bolts into it. That’s my pink water bottle.

And there’s a mailbox story too – LOL. I think we should all stick to quilting this week.


Block 9 – Sailboats Qube Workout QAL

It’s a rainy and cool July Monday in NC. The relief from the heat is truly welcome. And the block this week is called Sailboats and is perfect for a wet day. It is an abstracted version of the sailboat blocks that we usually see.

You can find Block 9 here in our 10th installment of this QAL.