Four Patch Tessellation with a Chisel

Yesterday I was playing around with a tessellation with a four patch block of squares and half square triangles. After stitching it together, it made more sense to simplify the block. There are several ways to simplify it, but in order to get the tessellation, the quilt layout has to be a “vertical half block drop” layout. After trying several different configurations using the Signature Block shape and the chisel in a couple of different configurations, a final half block configuration was chosen. And actually, if you wanted to make this as a quilt in the simplest configuration, you could use the Signature Block shape as well as the chisel shape. And, as the saying goes, “not to shoe the goose” or “plow the sand”, but here are some of the options.

This is the quilt that is a true tessellation and is the final result of these blocks. The blocks can be made several different ways.

This is the original four-patch block:


This is the four patch block modified by combining a square and half square triangle into the chisel shape. This block is also the half drop shape that would begin every other column on the quilt.

Twist Tessellation using Chisel Shape

This is a rectangular block using the half-drop as the right hand half of the block. This would work for those who like to make square blocks.

Twist Tessellation as Square Block Using Chisel Shape

This is the rectangular block using the signature shape in the center. However, one would have to add a half drop block on every other column of the quilt.

Twist Tessellation as Rectangular Block Using Signature Shape

I’m not sure how I would make this, but am thinking about playing around with the 4″ or 5″ Qube to make a miniature version of this just for fun. How would you make this?

Disappearing Hourglass Quilt Block with AccuQuilt GO! Qubes

On the Facebook AccuQuilt Qube Group the question came up of how to make  the Disappearing Hourglass QuiltBlock with the Qube system. Barbara Biddlecomb Harper posted the question from a quilter and drafted a block. And who doesn’t love a good challenge like this? I would never have thought to use the chisel and the Bowtie shapes, but Barbara did and that made all the difference. There is more than one way to build this block, but I approached it from the traditional block with a star in the center. In order to get all of the shapes to work together, I ended up using 6″ and 12″ Qube shapes, but it could be done with 4″ and 8″ Qubes or with 5″ and 10″ Qubes.

It took three tries to cut the block from a 10″ Layer Cake Square. And there were only strings left. For a Layer Cake square it would be better to cut it with the smaller Qubes or use Fat Quarters for the larger Qubes.

The 6″ and 12″ Qubes make a 9″ finished block. The 4″ and 8″ Qubes make a 6″ finished block and the 5″ and 10″ Qubes make a 7-1/2″ finished block.

This is the cutting diagram for the 6″ and 12″ Qubes. It really makes a pretty block. The cutting is the same for both diagrams, the layout is different with the rotation of the four patch in the center.

And this was my trial with a Layer Cake Square. You can see the tiny bit of scraps left over.

QAL Block 4 is a beautiful Chisel

This is one of the prettiest rows ever. It is made up of the chisel in two colors. It is very simple but a great one to know because it will add so much to many of your quilts. There are two ways to make it: one uses the AccuQuilt GO! Corners Companion Qube Shape 9, and the other uses a square and a rectangle from the AccuQuilt GO! Mix & Match Qube. Here’s a picture of the quilt with the Chisel row added.

QAL Quilt with Block 4 Chisel Row Added.

Pinwheels and Borders QAL Post #1

We are starting a new QAL on the AccuQuilt Qube Facebook Page. The information for fabric yardage and quilt specifications is given today. Please READ CAREFULLY and choose your fabric carefully. Be sure you purchase enough fabric based on the Qube size you plan to use. And purchase extra if you’re not sure how you want to make this. It is a mystery with one part given each week.

For this QAL we’re doing a Row Quilt and working on using our Qubes to create not only blocks but also quilt borders. There will be four rows that are “borders”. There are three rows of blocks. Please click the image below or the menu above to go to the QAL Page.

Pinwheels and Borders QAL


Tips on the Mosaic Block

Yesterday there were multiple questions about the directional nature of the parallelogram. And yes, it is directional as is the chisel. When you have a shape that is directional, the solution is to layer fabric with either right or wrong side facing up for cutting. NO FANFOLDING on directional dies unless the block has shapes that are mirror images.

My method for cutting the shapes so they match the pattern is to hold the die in my hand and compare it to the pattern. If the shape matches the pattern, cut with the right side of the fabric facing up and if the shape is a mirror image of the pattern, cut with the wrong side of the fabric facing up. With the parallelogram, be careful and remember that the long side of the parallelogram is where the half square triangles attach.

This quilt is from a blog I wrote in 2018 and has a chisel border with the blue and green chisels as mirror images.

Chisel Border with blue and green chisels as mirror images.

The same thing applies for applique dies. Almost always the applique dies are not symmetrical and must be cut in the direction that is on the pattern. And direction can be related to a lot of things. I know after I finished the Camper quilt, there were many comments that the door was on the wrong side of the camper. In our international quilting community I learned that in the US the door has to be on the outside for safety reasons. We would never want to open the door into traffic. Likewise in the UK and other countries the door has to be  on the opposite side (like my quilt) for the same reason. Here’s a picture of my ‘European’ oriented campers. I did go back and update the embroidery designs so that there are campers oriented in both directions. You will also see that in the Northwoods embroidery on this quilt that the bears and moose are directional and are stitched in opposite directions.

And a quick note to the many who have written asking where the QAL patterns are. Please see the menu at the top of this blog page. There is a menu item that says “QUBE QAL”. Click on the words QUBE QAL and it will take you to the page with all the patterns and instructions for yardage. If you bookmark that page, you can always go directly to the QAL patterns.  If you stop at the blog first, you will find helpful tips. The QAL patterns will be removed after the QAL, so go ahead and download and save them on your computer now.

QUBE QAL: Block 4 Clay’s Choice

The block this week is a simple one using only half square triangles and squares. However, for those who have the Corners Companion Qube, you might want to substitute the chisel die for a half square triangle and square.

Here are pictures of the original block and the one that is adapted using the chisel. I did not write instructions for the chisel die as that is a challenge for you. Hint: If you use the chisel, your construction will be in three rows as you will have to make the center as a pinwheel with the chisel units on either side.

Block 4 Clay’s Choice
Alternate Block 4 Clay’s Choice using the Chisel die from the Corners Companion Qube.

For those who prefer to press their seams to one side, here’s a video that will be helpful to you in matching the center of the pinwheel points. Pay special attention as this will make a huge difference in your quilting.

Qube QAL: Block 3 Diamond Star

This week’s block is a simple star block based on the tried and true variable star. The dark corner squares and Square on Point (SOP) center make it unique. Those dark corner squares are there to help create that overall ‘on point’ illusion in the complete quilt.

I encourage you to read the blog posts this week as I am going to offer some helpful tips, especially for those just starting out on this quilting journey. These tips are inspired by quilters who discussed their challenges on the Facebook group.

The first tip is a result of reading about one quilter who was remaking their entire first block because they picked up the wrong size die so their first block was too large. Another quilter wrote about placing the wrong die in the pocket of the Qube set and cutting the wrong size shape. There are many ways to solve this and each quilter will find their own way. This is how I store my dies in an easy to reach and identifiable way.

My dies are placed on a shelf as if they are books. Each die is labeled with the Qube size as well as the Qube die #. (You have to memorize the shape for each # or put a chart on the wall.) The Qube size and die # label goes on all four sides of the die so that it is easy to put away on my “bookshelf” and it is easy to see which die I have in my hand as I work. A piece of Painter’s tape is on the foam on the die with the size for the precut as well as the # of shapes I will get from a width of fabric (WOF) precut. I used to write directly on the foam or on the back of the die, but that is so permanent that I find Painter’s tape is a better solution. A black Sharpie is used for all marking. Silver can be used, but it sometimes bleeds onto fabric even after it is dry.

Here are pictures of my die storage. I am getting to the point that I really need a full size bookshelf for these dies. It would be nice to have them on a bookshelf with dividers for each size Qube, but so far the boxes have lasted for as long as there have been Qubes.

QUBE QAL for January-February 2022

What a way to start our QAL on the first Monday of January 2022. Yesterday we had a big storm – first there was much thunder, lightning, and flooding rain with a 25 degree temperature drop and then big flakes of snow for four hours. In the late afternoon we had beautiful sunshine.  Our electricity went off around 5 am and it didn’t come back on until 6 pm so we had a long, cold, dark day. Very obviously, not much stitching was done nor did we have internet connectivity.

Our QAL will start today on a Tuesday. I have created a new page where I will post all of the information. Please check the menu at the top of the blog for a page with links to each step in the QAL. Weather permitting, each new block will be posted on Mondays.

Block 12 – Summer Posies Qube Workout QAL

Wow – 12 weeks and this is the last block. We started in May and ending in August. This block is called Summer Posies as there is a strong center with some petals in the corners. Each center is different and uses dies from a different Qube (Mix & Match, Angles, or Corners). Enjoy this last block and get ready to put those blocks together into a quilt top or if you only have a few – how about a wall hanging or a table topper or table runner. Click on the blocks below or follow the link in the top menu to get to the instructions.

Block 12 Summer Posies
Block 12 Summer Posies

Color Challenge – Block 7 of the Qube Workout Sampler

This week is going to be fun. We’re taking the Blocks from last week’s Sampler and doing a color challenge. Sometimes when drawing these blocks, I look at the uncolored diagrams, and without color, a completely different block appears in my mind. That happened with last week’s blocks when I was creating them and thus, we got this week’s blocks from that. It was so much fun that I almost couldn’t keep it a secret. But here they are. I hope you love them as much as I do. You will find instructions here.