Quilting some UFO’s

This has been a summer of finishes, primarily quilting some tops that have been around for awhile. The blue top dates back to my pre-Accuquilt days. And I believe Norma pieced the sunflower quilt top for me. It is definitely a bright one.

At the quilt expo in Raleigh back in June, I tried all of the longarm quilting machines. My Nolting Hobby Quilter was made before any of the current machines that have all the bells and whistles. I fell in love with the HandiQuilter Avante and before I knew it, I had ordered one. It came a couple of weeks ago, and I have been quilting steadily ever since. I love this machine. I am also loving quilting some edge to edge designs that I created over the past few years. These two designs are available as digital downloads at IntelligentQuilting.com. Here are two finishes from last weekend:


SwirlyQs quilting design
SwirlyQs quilting design


SwirlyQs quilting design
SwirlyQs quilting design


Kes quiltling design
Kes quiltling design


Kes quilting design
Kes quilting design


Kes quilting design
Kes quilting design




Happy 4th of July and a few Circles

Hope everyone is having a Happy 4th of July here in the steaming hot USA. The last couple of days have only been in the upper 90’s here in North Carolina, but it seems hotter than our record 100+ temperatures of last week. I have spent the past few days working on a new machine embroidery set using my circle die and staying inside as much as possible.

There are two new machine embroidery sets using the Circle Die–and who doesn’t have a circle die? It is so wonderful to have perfectly cut circles every time.

I did something new that I thought I would share. It’s a way to reduce waste when cutting circles–and a picture is worth a thousand words.

Circle Die 2-3-5 inch circles

Use an 18 inch x 6 inch strip of fabric with fusible already pressed onto the wrong side. Leave the paper on the fusible until circles have been cut. 

 And here’s one of the designs from the Circle Flower Set I’m finishing today. You can also do this on your regular sewing machine using the applique stitch. Scroll all the way to the end to see this really fun flower made only from the small (2 inch) circle on the circle die.

Drum Roll—–and we have a winner!

Danita is the winner of the shapes to make a small turtle quilt. My random number generator consists of writing all the names on small pieces of paper, folding them up, shaking them up, and drawing a name. Thank you all for following my blog and Accuquilt.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.

Another turtle – and last day to Vote for the Barn Quilt Block

I’m having a lot of fun reading everyone’s comments and have started sending out embroidery files. I extended the giveaway through Friday and will send files out for comments posted through Friday, April 22. In the meantime, I made a couple more turtles – just for a little variety – here is a photo of one.

Star turtle

Friendship Star Baby Quilt

Since I’m not quilting this week, I thought I’d take a look back at some of the things I’ve done. This friendship star baby quilt, pieced and quilted in 2007, is one of my favorites. While the fabrics are not traditional baby colors because I used a novelty print with brightly colored dolphins and then added purple and orange Moda prints, it is a fun quilt for a child. In order to use up all the fabrics, the back has some piecing also.

The quilting design is one of my favorites and is a combination of two different types of swirls that I often do free-style. I have a digital quilting design at intelligentquilting.com called Lollipops that is the pattern for this quilting design.

I designed the quilt in Electric Quilt 6 software and you can download it here.

[book id=’11’ /]

Rail Fence Set on Point

This is a quilt that I just finished. Mother pieced it and I quilted it. When I started, I wanted to do something different in the dark blue and the light areas of the quilt. I tried doing a continuous curve (cc) design on the dark blue, but doing it with templates was taking forever; and I was not pleased with my freehand stitching. In the end, after sewing all the rows, I decided to unstitch all of the cc and start over with an edge to edge design. What I decided to do was the freehand version of one of my intelligent quilting digital designs, Tilt-a-Whirl which is swirls topped with feathers. It’s one of my favorites and one that I love to stitch.

New pantograph design – Triangle Transit

I quilted this donation quilt yesterday with one of my new designs. I really love it – it’s geometric and masculine, great for a man’s quilt. Here’s what it looks like done up in fabric and thread.  It’s available in digital or paper formats from intelligentquilting.com.

TT Front close-up
Triangle Transit Pantograph close-up
TT Front of quilt
Triangle Transit Pantograph quilt front
TT Back of quilt
Triangle Transit Pantograph quilt back