Fall QAL Week 5 – Accent Blocks

This is a big week because we are going to tackle Accent Blocks. These are what I would call “Inside Border Blocks” and they are half the size of a regular block. The following image shows a diagram with the Accent blocks identified. We will spend this week and next week on these Accent Blocks. Next week we will add the small corner blocks. Then the only thing left will be to add a solid border and finish your quilt.

Click on QAL at the top of the page and you will find the instructions.

Diagram Showing Accent Blocks

I have written instructions and diagrams for some simple Accent Blocks and also for two blocks that are for more experienced quilters. In addition, the instructions include images of the overall layout with the different Accent Blocks. Please read the instructions all the way through. Ask questions in the AccuQuilt Qube Facebook group if there is anything you do not understand.

I can’t wait to see what you do with these blocks.

Fall 2022 QAL Week 4

Airplane Block #3

This week’s block is the Airplane Block and it is made with one of my favorite block subunits which I call the Bird in the Corner Half Square Triangle. There are two light/color Birds in the Corner and two medium/color Birds in the Corner in this block. One of the fun things about it is that you stitch the straight side of a background half square triangle to either side of the bird. This is an image of the block and a link to the instructions.

Week 4 Block 3: Airplane Block

Putting it Together with Block 2 of the Fall 2022 QAL

One of the things we enjoy most as quilters is putting the blocks together into a layout to be able to see our progress. With this QAL, we will be on Block 4 before we can begin to stitch some of the rows together. If you have a design wall, you can begin to lay out the blocks there. If you don’t have a design wall, there is another option that has worked well for me.

The alternate option is to get a flannel backed vinyl/plastic table cloth that is often use outdoors for picnics and use the flannel side to lay out your blocks. The nice thing about this is that you can lay it out on your bed, on the floor, or thumbtack it to your wall. When you put it away, it is easy to roll/fold it and the vinyl side will keep your blocks from shifting on the flannel.

For this QAL, the layout is seen below with Blocks 1 and 2 in place.  You can begin to see how it is coming together.

Fall 2022 QAL Week #3 Depression Era Block

Today’s block is similar to one we did last January, but this time there are half square triangles on the corners. And please note that the corners are different. There are two color variations in the four half square triangles. This is important because it makes the design flow block to block in the next set of blocks. So think about those half square triangles and the smaller triangle colors for the Airplane block which is coming up next.

I’m traveling today, so won’t be able to answer questions until the late afternoon. Hope you get this block and have fun. Click on the block to get the instructions.

Block 2 Depression Era Block

2022 Fall Quilt Along Week # 2 Block 1

I hope your Qube is in position and your needle is sharp. Today we will launch the first block in this QAL. It is the Center Block and I have posted instructions for making a Variable Star block. You have the option of choosing another block for the center of your quilt. The only requirement is that the block you choose and make is the same finished size as the Qube you are using for the quilt.

This is the star block and instructions can be found here.

Center Star Block


QAL Roundup

Monday and seems strange not to be posting a new block today. So I went to FB and downloaded some pictures of quilts that are in progress or just finished from the Photo Album on the Qube FB Page. These are wonderful quilts. Some are still in progress and final pics haven’t been posted but they are turning out so beautifully that I had to go ahead and post them.




The Finish Line – Block 10 – Final Row

This row uses Flying Geese and Squares on Point and you can arrange them any way you like. You can point those geese flying up, down or to either side. And add as many Squares on Point or as few as you like.  And the only thing left after this are the final outer borders. The yardage and cutting instructions from Week 1 give some suggestions for borders, but you may have other ideas. Make this quilt your own. I can’t wait to see your creations.

Block 9 Peace and Plenty

The center of this week’s block looks a lot like a Broken Dishes block set on point. It’s official name with the outer triangles is called “Peace and Plenty”. It is a simple block but is perfect for this row of blocks. Head on over to the QAL page and download the instructions.

There are two different ways to make this block. You can make quarter blocks or put the whole block together as diagonal sections. However, the instructions are for quarter blocks because that gives you fewer bias edges. Have fun with this one.

Block 9 Peace and Plenty

Block 9 Peace and Plenty