Princess Quilt

My granddaughter, Kes, is the middle child. She talks about being a princess and playing princess all the time. So, she’s going to get a princess quilt. Every quilt has a story, and this one is no exception.

I recently bought a Twister template. When it came, I was surprised at how large it was. I decided that the pieces would be large enough for some novelty prints and proceeded to cut squares of “princess” fabric that I thought would work for this quilt. After I got it together, I really was not pleased. The colors blend together too much and to me, it just isn’t pretty to my eye. But, that was a lot of work, so I am finding a way to make it a special quilt anyway.

I decided to add “princess” machine embroidery to the quilt so Kes will find special little places throughout the quilt with castles and magic wands and unicorns and princess crowns. This quilt is to be enjoyed for the special little motifs rather than as a whole quilt.

What is really amusing to me is that as I stood in front of the design wall with Kes (4-1/2 years old), she informed me in the most matter of fact way that the little girls on one of the fabrics were fairies and not princesses. Of course, my reply was that princesses have to have good fairies to help them. I think we all need some good fairies along the way.

Corner of Quilt
Corner of Quilt
Corner of Quilt
Frog Prince

I digitized this frog and used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the applique pieces. That was a lot of fun.

Princess Crown from Applique Corner

This princess crown was done as traditional machine embroidery applique.

Dragon from EmbLibrary
Magic Wand
Crown by EmbLibrary

She really is a sweet little girl, we love this picture. It’s obvious she is only going to do what she wants and not what the photographer suggests.

Kes--School Picture--Pre-K
Kes–School Picture–Pre-K




My favorite colors of Aurifil thread for quilting

As one of my friends so aptly said, “I’m a thread snob.” Yes, I’ll admit, there’s just no thread like Aurifil. It costs a little more, but in my opinion, is well worth it. I have tried lots of other threads, both cotton and synthetic, and the only other thread that even comes close is 100 wt Silk for quilting–and that’s not a thread I use lightly–no pun intended. Aurifil has a sheen that I haven’t seen in other cotton threads. And it runs like a dream on my longarm with absolutely perfect tension. It isn’t too thick or too thin, it’s just right. In quilting, I use 50 wt Aurifil and buy it on the spools of 1440 yards/1300 meters. While I could get larger cones, it’s nice to have one spool on the machine and one on the bobbin winder.

It’s so hard to decide what color to use on a quilt. There are several things that matter to me. One is a preference for using the same color top and bobbin, however, with Aurifil, sometimes the colors are different and it works just fine. In determining what thread to use on a given quilt, I will pull several lengths of thread off the spool and puddle them on the quilt before making a decision.

I’m going to list my favorite colors and tell you how I use them. I don’t often use dramatic colors for quilting, but subtle colors that enhance the quilting.

Favorite Aurifil colors

Color 2021 is almost white and works on anything that needs white. I like that it’s just almost white because it seems to create a little bit of shadow on a solid white fabric and enhances the quilting.

Color 2715 is a light blue and works beautifully on a lot of blue quilts. There’s enough blue that it isn’t too stark on a dark blue and it’s light enough to look nice on light/white fabrics.

Color 2805 is a light seafoam blue-green which I just purchased but haven’t used yet. Already I know it’s going to be one of my basics. It’s the same intensity as the light blue (2715) and light green (2902), but will be perfect on quilts that are blue-green.

Color 1320 is a medium blue that works well on quilts that have little white in them but lots of different shades of blue. It is definitely a color that completes my blue collection.

Color 2902 is a light sage green and works as beautifully on green quilts as 2715 works on blue quilts. it’s just the right shade of green to blend with almost any dark green, but light enough to look nice on light/white fabrics.

Pinks and purples don’t get as much play on my quilting frame. But the very pale pinkish-lavender–color 2510, and the darker purple–2520, work well for almost any pink and/or purple quilts.

Color 2310 is a very light beige and works great on fabrics that have darks and lights, but not necessarily stark white in them. It is probably the color that I use most.

Color 2314 is a darker beige and is used like 2310 where the “light” fabrics are more of a beige.

Color 2370 is a dark khaki and works great on dark colored quilts. It is one that I use a lot on quilts for men. The khaki color blends with almost any other dark color including dark blues and browns.

Color 2155 is a coppery color and I absolutely love it on green and red Christmas quilts. It blends beautifully with the green and the red.

Color 1135 is a very bright golden yellow. It is great for bright colored quilts and especially baby quilts. It adds a real sparkle to any bright colored quilt.

Color 3920 is a variegated yellow and it works just as beautifully as 1135 on brightly colored quilts.

Color 3817 is basically a primary color variegated and I love it for quilting and machine embroidery. It works great for quilting on brightly colored quilts and for machine embroidery when using the applique stitch on batiks.

Hopefully, I got them all. They seem a bit neutral, and I’m definitely a bright colors girl, but these colors are wonderful for quilting.

Drum Roll—–and we have a winner!

Danita is the winner of the shapes to make a small turtle quilt. My random number generator consists of writing all the names on small pieces of paper, folding them up, shaking them up, and drawing a name. Thank you all for following my blog and Accuquilt.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.

Another turtle – and last day to Vote for the Barn Quilt Block

I’m having a lot of fun reading everyone’s comments and have started sending out embroidery files. I extended the giveaway through Friday and will send files out for comments posted through Friday, April 22. In the meantime, I made a couple more turtles – just for a little variety – here is a photo of one.

Star turtle

A visit to Stash Manicure and Annie who makes awesome fabric postcards

Blog visiting is addictive isn’t it? I was visiting SewCalGal the other day, and she talked about guest blogging on Stash Manicure. I decided to drop in on SewCalGal via Madame Samm over at Stash Manicure. While I was there I found another post that was really fun by Annie: Stash Manicure: Meet Annie, a postcard ARTiste( she says she’s not..U B the judge lol). She makes these awesome fabric postcards. I love these postcards. They have bound edges and wonderful designs. I’ve seen a lot of fabric postcards, but haven’t been inspired to make them until I saw these.  Now, I have this great link and am going to get back to this one day soon.

Not much quilting going on here this week. I went to a Slap Happy Quilters’ retreat last weekend and am a little burned out on quilting. But I will get back to it today. The retreat was wonderful–I used my Accuquilt to cut a lot of kits for other quilters to make comfort quilts for the Alamance Regional Cancer Center patients. It also gave me an opportunity to re-examine my priorities in charity quilting. Sometimes I try to do everything – make the patterns, cut, make and quilt the quilts and then I’m really spread too thin. I made the decision to focus on making the patterns and my friend, Sherry who is a fantastic quiltmaker, will help by testing the patterns and adding her touch to the instructions. In this way, perhaps even more quilts will be made and my efforts will actually be more efficient. Thank you Sherry for helping me think this through 🙂

Christmas Stockings

I’m back today with a little change in venue. My younger daughter asked me a few weeks ago if I could make Christmas stockings for her children. When I told my older daughter, she thought that was a fantastic idea and perhaps I could make some for her children too – LOL! I’ve had this terrible cold for over a week (gifted from one of those children) and feeling tired and out of ideas yesterday, I decided to sit down with EQ7 and see what I could do in the way of Christmas stockings. Now you know the time is short–actually these need to be done by Thanksgiving. So, what would be quick and easy and look great for years to come?

Well, I still have some of the pre-printed fabric from the stockings that my children used throughout their childhood and teenage years, so that is certainly a possibility. Isn’t it great that we always buy a little extra just in case we need it someday! But rather than doing things the easy way, I thought perhaps I could just trace the designs from the fabric and make original appliques. But that really didn’t please me–why would I ever do it the easy way? So, I decided to do some drawing in EQ7. And this is what I did. I think I can make simple snowmen on stockings and add their names – thank goodness they all have 3-5 letter names. I used my son-in-law’s name on this example just to see how many letters would fit.  It sort of bothers me that there’s not a band on the top, but I can think about that while I quilt today. I’d welcome any thoughts or ideas you have.

Christmas stocking

Shiva Paintstiks and Accuquilt GO

This morning I had an idea to make a stencil with freezer paper from my Accuquilt GO applique dies. So, I tore off some freezer paper, rolled it through the GO, and ironed that freezer paper to a piece of fabric. I pulled out my Shiva Oil Paintstiks and went to work. I really only like the iridiscent Paintstiks–just me I guess–and the glitz of that doesn’t show in the pictures. But I was pleased with this little experiment – picture below. Now to try some other new things – like Angelina fiber bonded and run through the die, for some real pizzazz.

Paintstik stencil experiment with GO applique dies