Christmas Ornament Quilt Blocks

This morning I took EQ8 for a spin after seeing some cute quilt blocks on Pinterest. These are all universal quilt blocks so my mission was to see if I could use the AccuQuilt Qube to make these. As it turns out, a 9″ finished block is just perfect to be able to use the 6″ Qube. I used both the Mix & Match and the Companion Qubes. I could have made a lot more, but had fun doing these. The Adobe pdf file is shown below so that you can download instructions for four of the blocks. If you are a member of the Facebook group – AccuQuilt Qube Quilts – you will find the EQ8 file there.

Block 8 Yankee Puzzle No. 1

This entire block is made of Shape 5 half square triangles. The coloring is the challenge here. The most fun way to make this block  is to cut the half square triangles and then play with them like a puzzle until you like the layout. Then you can sew them together. And ignore the instructions that say light or medium or dark  – you choose the colors. I can’t wait to see what everyone does with this block.


Yankee Puzzle No. 1

Block 2 – Quarter Square Triangle Pinwheel

This week’s block is one of my favorite blocks because it uses Flying Geese and Rectangles and is so easy to make. The nice thing about it is that if you are setting blocks side by side rather than adding sashing, it is much easier to match the seams. In this case, you have sashing all around, but it’s a block worth adding to your repertoire.

Click the image below to go to the QAL page.

Block 2 Quarter Square Triangle Pinwheel

Pinwheel Row QAL with Block 2, Row 1 added

You will make three of these blocks for Row 1 of Pieced Blocks. And next week we will add the other two blocks and finish the row with sashing between blocks.

Starting with a Ribbon Border

This is the first week of the new Pinwheel QAL and I debated whether to start with one of the pieced borders or a Pinwheel block. That beautiful pieced ribbon border won. It is a border that can be used so many ways and is a fun thing for beginners to learn and for experienced quilters to enjoy making. You will find the block on the QAL page by clicking on the menu link at the top of this page or click here.

These are the dies that I used from the 8″ Qube – a shape 4 Quarter Square Triangle and a Shape 3 Half Square Triangle.

Shape 3 HST and Shape 4 QST

These are the shapes after cutting. I stacked and arranged them in the order of stitching.

Ribbon Border Shapes Cut

It is so important to keep the light and medium quarter square triangle shapes in the same position in each block so I like to put them all together before I start stitching. See below how I use a pin to mark the side that will be stitched. I go ahead and put the triangles together with a pin in each one and stack them and then chain piece the triangles.

Marking the side to be stitched.

And once the triangles are stitched together, here are a couple of options for arranging them. I love both of these configurations, but can you come up with some different arrangments?


Here are possible configurations as you might put them into the quilt. But wait! You may want to see what the other pieced borders look like and use this one somewhere else – there are four possibilities for this one.


It’s Monday and Block 10 Pinwheel

Happy Monday to all! Block 10 is posted, and I think you will find that it has easy units – half square triangles and a four patch –  and is a lot of fun.

Here’s a picture of the block. Just click the picture and it will take you to the QAL page.

Block 10 Pinwheel

Some of the participants in the Quilt Along (QAL) had asked if I would post the rest of the quilt blocks as they want to finish this project and move on to a new one. However, as I started working on it, I realized that it was too much to do with the other projects that I have on the agenda that have to be done. I truly appreciate all the comments on the Facebook Page telling how much everyone has enjoyed the QAL and the pace of one block per week. This QAL has been fun for me because the blocks have not been as complicated as the ones from the last QAL.

For those who use Electric Quilt software, I added the EQ8 file to the Facebook Page group Files. My blog host would not let me add it to the Media files here.


QUBE QAL – Block 5 Mosaic

This week’s block is one of many named “Mosaic” and it is a play on the parallelogram. It is made up of quadrants of two parallelograms each. This has been a challenge for many quilters, particularly new quilters. The goal is to make stitching a parallelogram second nature, especially to new quilters. The nicest thing about a parallelogram is that it is simply two half square triangles combined, thus eliminating a seam. If it were split into half square triangles, it would look like this:

The parallelogram split into half square triangles

Many have been confused by the point on the parallelogram as we are used to having the dog ears cut away with the die cuts. Thus when stitching it using the half square triangle and the parallelogram cut with the Qube dies, it goes together like this:

HST stitched to parallelogram

I think you will enjoy this week’s block. It uses only two shapes – the parallelogram and the half square triangle.

QUBE QAL: Block 4 Clay’s Choice

The block this week is a simple one using only half square triangles and squares. However, for those who have the Corners Companion Qube, you might want to substitute the chisel die for a half square triangle and square.

Here are pictures of the original block and the one that is adapted using the chisel. I did not write instructions for the chisel die as that is a challenge for you. Hint: If you use the chisel, your construction will be in three rows as you will have to make the center as a pinwheel with the chisel units on either side.

Block 4 Clay’s Choice

Alternate Block 4 Clay’s Choice using the Chisel die from the Corners Companion Qube.

For those who prefer to press their seams to one side, here’s a video that will be helpful to you in matching the center of the pinwheel points. Pay special attention as this will make a huge difference in your quilting.

Block 12 – Summer Posies Qube Workout QAL

Wow – 12 weeks and this is the last block. We started in May and ending in August. This block is called Summer Posies as there is a strong center with some petals in the corners. Each center is different and uses dies from a different Qube (Mix & Match, Angles, or Corners). Enjoy this last block and get ready to put those blocks together into a quilt top or if you only have a few – how about a wall hanging or a table topper or table runner. Click on the blocks below or follow the link in the top menu to get to the instructions.

Block 12 Summer Posies
Block 12 Summer Posies

Block 11 – Triangle Tesselation Qube Workout QAL

Happy Monday! It’s August and the weather is cooler here in North Carolina. This week’s block is another block made in quarters. You may have noticed that some blocks are made in a 9-patch configuration which lends itself to “rows” and other blocks are made in a 4-patch configuration. You may have wondered how these blocks are designed. Here’s my starting point for this 4-patch configuration. I took a quarter of a block with a line drawing, turned the line drawing in each quadrant and then colored and re-colored it until it was pleasing. Here’s the base quadrant.

And here’s the set of blocks made from the starting quadrant. Click on the pictures below or click on the menu at the top of this page to find the patterns.

Block 10 – Spin Class Qube Workout QAL

Block 10 of the Qube Workout QAL is ready for download. This block isn’t complicated, but offers some oppostunities for experimenting with color combinations and lots of practice for half square triangles mixed with other units.

This is the beginning of a new week and last week was just a little too much excitement for us. One set of grandchildren went on an outdoor Colorado vacation while the other set of grandchildren were home with very very bad colds. The colds were so bad that the children were tested for Covid – all were negative, but they were sick. Will they go back to summer school? Days after they went home with a cold, someone at the school did get Covid. The parents are making decisions. While the adults around here are all vaccinated, the children are not. It is interesting that none of the adults got the cold.

We had lots more excitement with a mouse in the house (which is now gone, thank goodness). That’s a funny story I’ll tell you later. But we ended the week with putting up a basketball goal. That is the final step from our construction last summer. The children have really missed the basketball goal. Ted did most of it, but I got up on the scaffolding with him to help hold the backboard while he put the bolts into it. That’s my pink water bottle.

And there’s a mailbox story too – LOL. I think we should all stick to quilting this week.