2022 Fall Quilt Along Block 1

I hope your Qube is in position and your needle is sharp. Today we will launch the first block in this QAL. It is the Center Block and I have posted instructions for making a Variable Star block. You have the option of choosing another block for the center of your quilt. The only requirement is that the block you choose and make is the same finished size as the Qube you are using for the quilt.

This is the star block and instructions can be found here.

Center Star Block


Fall 2022 Quilt Along – Fabric Selection

The Fall 2022 Quilt Along (QAL) is here with a guide to the fabric selection. With thi.s QAL, I have added coloring pages as well as yardage amounts that will assure you have more than enough fabric to complete the quilt and  enough fabric to make up for anything that goes awry with a block.

This is a fun quilt to stitch. I ask you to please read the instructions and ask questions on the Facebook Page “AccuQuilt Qube Quilts”. This is not sponsored by AccuQuilt but is a User Group of supportive quilters.

The menu at the top of this page always has the links. Please bookmark the blog and go to that menu for printouts of the instructions.



Morning Star Labor Day Project

We are so excited to have a day off this week. After just one week of school, a day  off is just what the doctor ordered. The children have all come home with colds (yes colds – not covid) and have shared them with us. And while there are a thousand things on the to do list, an escape to sewing a whole new project is good medicine.

A few weeks ago the Morning Star BOB die arrived and while we made a test block, a wall hanging has been percolating in the back of my mind. After a session with EQ and drafting several options, I sat down and started a new project. Although the AccuQuilt Contemporary pattern is one of my favorites, I wanted to do something a little different but along the same themes. This is where that idea landed. Because this is a 12″ finished block, it means the “wall hanging” will be 40″ square. It will require a bigger wall than the ideas in my head.

Morning Star Quilt

Yesterday I drafted the instructions for myself and then proceeded to cut and make all the different subunits for these blocks. This is the progress:

Five different subunits for the blocks
Block 1
Block 2

The blocks are so easy to cut because there are only two different shapes – the triangles and the corners. And the triangles are set on the board so that one pass cuts 36 triangles. That’s wonderful when you need as many as 124 which was the most needed of any color triangle. Four passes cuts 144 triangles – isn’t that wonderful?

It’s a busy day ahead with a binding and label to finish, calculating yardage and instructions for the QAL as well as putting these blocks together.

Happy Labor Day to you. I hope you’re either outside enjoying the last of summer with family and friends or stitching away in your happy place.


Four Patch Block Twist Tessellation

Using those same half square triangles and squares in a four patch block gives a completely different look. Everywhere I have seen these quilts that are a tessellation that looks like a “twist” and have wondered how it is done. So I played around with half square triangles and squares and this is what happened. There must be many more ways to make these “twists” but this works. This could also be done with a chisel die but it would make an irregular shaped block. Here’s the one I made. The entire quilt is made with a single block. that is rotated to create the tessellation. Wouldn’t this be fun to color so many different ways?



A Simple Four-Patch

Sometimes we can build the most fun quilt blocks from a simple four-patch. Mixing squares and half square triangles can result in some really beautiful blocks. This is one I saw recently on a Facebook post in our AccuQuilt Qube group. It is three half square triangles and a square and is the cutest little fish ever.

When I need thinking time I make 2-1/2″ half square triangles. It’s very soothing to me to be able to sit  and stitch while I enjoy the tree-tops and greenery of the yard while sewing triangle after triangle. It results in stacks of triangles. These are some of the fish that I have made.

What will I do with them? I think a baby quilt would be perfect or some borders or even make a nine-patch from the four-patch squares. Here are some possibilities I played around with in EQ.  This was so much fun in EQ – seems like infinite possibilities.


Gingerbread Cookie Quilt Pattern Correction

As hard as I try, sometimes an error gets past. The pattern is proofread multiple times by multiple readers but sometimes a mistake gets by.  This correction is on page 7 and is the cut size for the gingerbread house squares on point. The revised instructions are in the errata column here on the blog and will be uploaded to the AccuQuilt website. 

Lots of Quilts and Quilting

Yesterday was a busy day. With the quilting I did and the schoolwork Ted did with Ezri, we didn’t eat supper until 8 pm. My work included adding borders to two quilts and quilting one of them while I added binding to a third. The one that was bound will be going to Audrey in Cincinnati.

This quilt has been folded and waiting to be quilted for several months. When I hung this quilt up for photos, I remembered that it was the second half of a quilt that was planned to be a King Size quilt and at some point I decided that none of us were going to want a pink quilt on our bed so I split it into two. The first half of it was made into a comfort quilt for donation and this half was waiting for a purpose. And when I hung it up for a photo, I realized that it looks like a quilt that was split into two. The blocks are not symmetrically arranged. At least I know that it will be used and that it will make wonderful play castles and snuggle time for a little girl and will be perfect for dragging through the house. At the same time it’s big enough for her to grow and still be covered.


QAL Roundup

Monday and seems strange not to be posting a new block today. So I went to FB and downloaded some pictures of quilts that are in progress or just finished from the Photo Album on the Qube FB Page. These are wonderful quilts. Some are still in progress and final pics haven’t been posted but they are turning out so beautifully that I had to go ahead and post them.