Writing again 4-20-08

It has been so long since I have written, that I just want to do a short update, then will try to get back to writing every day. The late winter has been so busy with work and baby, that it has been hard to stop and write. I haven’t had time to sit still and just be.

 The baby is doing well and at 15 months she is walking fairly well, loves her shape sorter, but doesn’t talk much. Well, she does say dog – that seems to be her favorite ‘person’ right now. Gave her first ice cream pop-up last weekend, and she really enjoyed it. She gets her monthly treatment on Monday. There is a possibility of a new way to deliver the medication through a capsule implanted beneath the skin. That would be really nice – the hitch is how to get the dosing right for her.

Ezri’s first ice cream           2008-04-12_08-medium.jpg

 Went to a wedding yesterday, and it was so nice to sit a minute and enjoy seeing two people who seem to fit together like hand and glove. They ‘found’ each other after 40+ years of not finding the right person. Just proves that there is a time and place for everything.