t-shirt quilt for Joe

Joe, my son-in-law has a March birthday. I love to make t-shirt quilts, and I have asked him many times for t-shirts. Emily says he wears them out and throws them away. I was talking with Joe’s mom, and she happily volunteered to donate some of his old t-shirts that were still at her house. These were very special t-shirts, including a couple of ski vacations and one from summer camp. I was able to use the front and back and sleeves so that I had enough to make a quilt. The shirt from summer camp had some very heavy paint on it – the dinosaurs have thick, cracked paint that hurts when you run your hand across it. I suggested that we try to remove the paint and re-paint that part of the dinos. The response was that it would be considered if I would find the paint!

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Cutting Chart, Fabric Requirements for 8-inch Log Cabin for AccuQuilt Go cutter

Here’s a chart to go with the video for cutting eight inch log cabin blocks on the AccuQuilt Go cutter. Call me compulsive, but I have a notebook with lots of cutting charts. After I go through the process of creating a quilt in Electric Quilt and calculating everything for a block or a quilt and get it started; sometimes I get interrupted or distracted with something else for a week or a month or so, (sound familiar?!? ;). So it’s really nice to have something written so I can pick it up again and proceed.

Right click on the link below to save it to your computer. You will need adobe reader to view it.

Cutting Chart and Fabric Requirements

Accuquilt Go – Cutting a Log Cabin Block

Recorded a video today showing how I very quickly cut a log cabin block with the AccuQuilt Go. By cutting a full wodth of fabric in one pass, I can cut 25-50 strips at one time.

If you have trouble loading the video from the blog page, click this LINK.