‘Twas the night before Christmas…

That’s what it seems like here. . . Tomorrow is Ezri’s 6th birthday, and we’re having a party at our house for her. Today, I have to clean and get some crafts ready for the children. The plan is to cut paper with the AccuQuilt GO! and the Silhouette Studio (3-D ornaments for the children to construct). I’m looking forward to “playing” as I get ready for the party.

I made seven pillowcases yesterday and had them packed and shipped before realizing that I had not taken photos. Will ask my daughter to take photos when they arrive and before the children take them away. There are seven more pillowcases to be finished today or at least by Christmas Eve.

And I finally got the mugrug files ready. So, if you still need a last minute gift and you have an embroidery machine, you will find the files at http://shop.b-quilts.com/freebies.

Merry Christmas to All! 

Christmas Hubbub

It’s almost Christmas, and it seems as if I’ve almost missed it this year. What adventures we’ve had the past few weeks.

Today is our 37th wedding anniversary – what were we thinking back in 1975? My mother must have been nuts trying to have a wedding and Christmas. All I remember was trying to get through my Organic Chemistry exam. Some things were easy though – I wore my sister’s wedding dress, and we were the exact same size so no worries there. I was taller, so wore flat shoes and it worked perfectly.

Now, back to Christmas 2012—have had back to back colds and still have a hacking cough which I hope will disappear by Christmas. Between being sick, babysitting that adorable little boy, and visiting my Mom two times in a little over a week, not much has been going on in my Christmas department. As of today, there are still a few projects to get done and have not read anyone else’s blog in weeks, so am hoping to catch up on that sometime today too.

Every year I make pillow cases from novelty fabric for all the children, acquired children’s spouses, and grandchildren. The fabrics have all been pulled and are in a stack. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring pictures of some great pillowcases.

I made a wonderful Christmas bib for Mother while I was at her house. For some reason, she had some Christmas fabric just sitting out beside her sewing machine, and I couldn’t help myself. Somehow that bib got packed into my suitcase, so now it has to be mailed back to her.

There are two new grandsons who need Christmas stockings – one of them absolutely has to be made today to get in the mail or he won’t have a stocking. I really need Katrina over at Sunshower Quilts to the rescue.

I made some mug rugs yesterday with my embroidery machine and hope to be able to have files for you machine embroiderers to download. But that has to wait until after the pillowcases and stocking go in the mail. I’ll do a separate post for that–but here’s a preview–they still need some topstitching around the edges.

IMG_2443 (Custom) 

Big Little Book Blog Tour Recap: Tutorial Links and Winners

This has definitely been a non-productive week of stitching for me. I am fighting a cold and cough right now, but even before that, it seemed everything I stitched was just not quite right. On Wednesday, I finally stopped, shut off the machines and went downstairs to do family things. Sometimes if you just get away from it all, things work out better when you return. Thursday was better, but I didn’t get in my groove until Friday–and then there were errands to run which took me away from stitching. And today my cough and cold are bad enough that I think I’ll just veg awhile.

But I want to give you the final set of links to the Big Little Book of Die Cutting Tips Blog Tour tutorials as well as let you know that I did draw a winner immediately after the tour. Marilyn Lewis was the winner for my day of the tour and her book was shipped to her on November 16. And now, here are the direct links to the tutorials: