Snail’s Trail Fun with AccuQuilt QUBES

The new AccuQuilt QUBES are so much fun, and you know that the most fun to me is not so much making the quilt, but figuring out how to make the blocks and then construct them. After that, making the quilt is just a meditative process.

After working on a square in a square, I started thinking about the Snail’s Trail. There is a BOB (Block on Board) for Snail’s Trail, but it’s a 12 inch block, and I prefer to work with smaller blocks. So, I decided to to use the QUBE to make it. And the nice thing about the QUBE is that the shapes are numbered the same for any size QUBE so they all work the same. Thus if you can make a block in a 9″ size, then you can use exactly the same Shape numbers to make the block in any of the other sizes. That really gives flexibility in making the blocks you want and sizing your quilt much more exactly as a multiple of blocks vertically and horizontally. And it takes away all the math which is important for those gifted with a higher level of right brain function.

Here’s my Snail’s Trail made with scraps. I did it in a 9″, but will try it at some point with the 8″ and the 6″ QUBE.

Snail's Trail
Four Blocks of Snail’s Trail

First I made the Square on Point by using a four patch that is from my Leaders and Enders pile and cut it with the Square on Point die. To get it centered, I marked the corners of the die so the four patch corners match the marks.


After cutting the Square on Point, the remaining shapes were cut according to this diagram.

Snail's Trail diagram
Click to open pdf of this diagram.

Isn’t this fun–make it any size you like. Here are a couple of layouts.

SnailsTrail QUBE2 SnailsTrail QUBE3