Color Selections for Pinwheel QAL

There  have been several discussions on the Qube Facebook Page about color selections for the Pinwheel QAL because this is a “mystery” quilt. This time the layout is different because this is a row quilt and that seems to be perplexing for some. Thus, I thought I would do some color layout and give you some examples of how this might be done. In the yardage recommendations, the horizontal solid borders and the outer border are given as separate yardages. Thus, one can use a different color for these borders, or one can select one of the dark, medium, medium light, or light fabrics for these borders. My recommendation would be to go with the dark or medium.

This is one example where I chose fabrics from a collection and then used a separate “dark” for the outer and horizontal borders. This is a rendering from EQ8 and the overall colors are darker than my preference, but I think it shows the example of how the dark, mediums, and light fabrics can be distributed throughout the blocks and pieced borders.

This is another rendering where a print is used for the outer and horizontal borders and colors are pulled from the print.  Again, these are colors pulled from the EQ8 library and not my preference, but an example of color distribution throughout the quilt.

And this is the quilt with actual pieced quilt blocks in it. I think you can see how it will sparkle when you use your own fabrics in it.  And remember there are different options for the quilt blocks and pieced borders. You will not necessarily be using the ones seen in the image below.


Pinwheels and Borders QAL Post #1

We are starting a new QAL on the AccuQuilt Qube Facebook Page. The information for fabric yardage and quilt specifications is given today. Please READ CAREFULLY and choose your fabric carefully. Be sure you purchase enough fabric based on the Qube size you plan to use. And purchase extra if you’re not sure how you want to make this. It is a mystery with one part given each week.

For this QAL we’re doing a Row Quilt and working on using our Qubes to create not only blocks but also quilt borders. There will be four rows that are “borders”. There are three rows of blocks. Please click the image below or the menu above to go to the QAL Page.

Pinwheels and Borders QAL


Qube QAL – Block 13 – Magic Pinwheel

This is a fun block AND it’s the last block of this QAL. I hope everyone has had fun with this. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful quilts on Facebook. The color combinations have been wonderful. Click here for the QAL page.

My quilt is almost finished. I have the individual rows stitched together but still have to stitch row to row.  Here’s the block:

Block 13 Magic Pinwheel

And here’s a link to the new die launch for tomorrow. It’s going to be fun.