Patriotic Stars Throw Quilt – Tutorial

I am reprising this quilt from a 2016 blog post that I wrote for AccuQuilt. I have searched the AccuQuilt blog site and cannot find the post for a link, so will rewrite it here as I think it’s a wonderful quilt and fun to make. The May-June-July months of Memorial Day, Flag Day, and July 4 are wonderful times to make this quilt. With the Patriotic Stars embroidery set, you can stitch the same star for every block or use a variety of stars from the set. There are three sizes of stars, so you can make blocks that fit any of the stars from the AccuQuilt GO! Star die.

Supplies Needed for QUBE and Star (to make the quilt exactly as I did with 6″ finished blocks)
Machine Embroidery Supplies:
  • Fusible – Lite Steam A Seam2 (Lite SAS2)
  • Medium to light weight tearaway stabilizer (satin stitches will need a medium weight stabilizer whereas blanket and lighter edge stitches will use a light weight stabilizer)
  • Machine Embroidery Supplies including coordinating thread and bobbin thread
  • Background Fabric for Star Blocks – ¾ yard
  • Applique Fabric for Stars – 1/3 yard
  • Blue Color 1 Fabric – 1/2 yard
  • Blue Color 2 Fabric – 1/2 yard
  • Background Fabric for Pieced Blocks – ½ yard
  • Border 1 – Red Fabric – 1/2 yard (or more if you use this for binding)
  • Border 2 and Binding– Blue Color 1 Fabric – 3/4 yard
Embroidery blocks (make 12 blocks):

Apply fusible as per manufacturer instructions and leave paper backing attached until stars are cut. Cut fabric and fusible to fit the star size for the quilt you are making. When cutting fabric with fusible and paper attached, the recommendation is to cut no more than 4 shapes at a time.

Embroider the stars onto a block that is approximately 3 ” larger than the finished block. When the embroidery is complete, center the star and trim the block to a finished 6-1/2”. Using a larger background square makes it easier to center the star perfectly in the block by trimming it to a smaller size rather than trying to center it perfectly in the embroidery hoop.

Pieced Quilt blocks: (make 13 blocks):

The Frayed 4-Patch Block is cut with Shape 2 and Shape 8 of the GO! 6” QUBE. This is the cutting diagram for the block.

Cutting instructions for quilt blocks:
  • Shape 2: cut 52 squares from blue color 1 fabric
  • Shape 2: cut 52 squares from blue color 2 fabric
  • Shape 8: cut 52 rectangles from background fabric
Cutting instructions for Borders:

Cut fabric for red borders using the 2-1/2” AccuQuilt Strip Die (Die # 55014 or 55017). Cut 2 strips 2-1/2” x 30-1/2″ Cut 2 strips 2-1/2″ x 34-1/2″.

Cut fabric for blue borders using the 3-1/2: AccuQuilt Strip Die (Die # 55032). Cut 2 strips 3-1/2″ x 34-1/2″. Cut 2 strips 3-1/2″ x 40-1/2″.

Assemble quilt as shown in the diagram below:
Add red border:

Pin and stitch the red vertical borders to the right and left sides of the quilt top, easing as necessary. Press seams toward the border.

Pin and stitch the red horizontal borders to the top and bottom of the quilt top, easing as necessary. Press seams toward the border.

Add blue border:

Pin and stitch the blue vertical borders to the right and left sides of the quilt top, easing as necessary. Press seams toward the border.

Pin and stitch the blue horizontal borders to the top and bottom of the quilt top, easing as necessary. Press seams toward the border.

Quilt as desired, add binding and a label to your quilt and you will be ready for the 4th of July.


Block 9 Peace and Plenty

The center of this week’s block looks a lot like a Broken Dishes block set on point. It’s official name with the outer triangles is called “Peace and Plenty”. It is a simple block but is perfect for this row of blocks. Head on over to the QAL page and download the instructions.

There are two different ways to make this block. You can make quarter blocks or put the whole block together as diagonal sections. However, the instructions are for quarter blocks because that gives you fewer bias edges. Have fun with this one.

Block 9 Peace and Plenty
Block 9 Peace and Plenty

Block 8 Yankee Puzzle No. 1

This entire block is made of Shape 5 half square triangles. The coloring is the challenge here. The most fun way to make this block  is to cut the half square triangles and then play with them like a puzzle until you like the layout. Then you can sew them together. And ignore the instructions that say light or medium or dark  – you choose the colors. I can’t wait to see what everyone does with this block.


Yankee Puzzle No. 1

Block 7 Signature Block Border

This is such a fun border (yes I know I say that for every border), but it really is. And this block is so easy to make. It’s wonderful if you have the Corners Qube but there is a traditional way to make it using the Mix & Match Qube if you don’t have the Corners Qube yet. And the Corners Qube is an essential to me for every shape. I love the Chisel – remember the border we made with it? And the Bowties are pretty cool too. They give such a fun effect with that little corner even when they’re not used as a Bowtie block.

Here’s the Signature Block – very simple – but you need to make 12 of them for your border.

Signature Block

And Here is a picture of two of the many, many possibilities for a border with this block. 

Block 6 Windmill Variation Has Arrived

This block is so pretty. I love those half square triangles in the corner. They dress up the pinwheel perfectly. This is a fun block to stitch. The pinwheels are made with Quarter Square Triangles in a different way than we have done in this quilt thus far. Go to the QAL Page for the instructions.

Block 6 Windmill Variation