Table topper photos

Here’s a photo of the table topper that I started in August for Clarence and Sinead’s wedding gift and which I finished a couple of weeks ago, but I realized I hadn’t shown you what it looks like. The star blocks have curved cross-hatching in the background and a freehand feather meander in the dark areas of the log cabin blocks. There are 45 degree straight lines in the light areas of the log cabin blocks. I was pleased with the way it looks. The Glide thread used for quilting was a little heavy when I had stitched over it 2-3 times, so I used my fabric markers to color it the same color as the darker fabrics when it was stitched on darker fabrics. That is the first time I had used that technique, and it worked very well. After this was washed, it looks great.

Here’s a photo:

Closeup of the quilting

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