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A big thank you to everyone on this blog hop. It has been a lot of fun for me to read your comments and to see how this brings the quilting community together.

A couple of people asked me yesterday about being a “follower” as part of the Accuquilt GO Blog Hop. My response is that WordPress doesn’t have followers. However, I was very wrong about that. In fact, you can use Google Reader or subscribe to the RSS feed. SewCalGal has a great blog post about using Google Reader, so I’m sending you over there for more information. This is the link:

And for those of you who tried to become a follower and couldn’t find the “button”– just know that you’ll get counted by SewCalGal for trying. And I’m going to do a little reading today on the WordPress side and find the code for the buttons and add them to this blog to make it easier for all of us.

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  1. I use wordpress, too, and haven’t had any luck with the follower button.

    HOWEVER, people can manually add you to the list of blogs they follow through blogger. I’ve got instructions complete with screen captures on my blog at, under the Follow Me tab (at the top).

    Basically, go to your blogger dashboard at, and at the bottom of your blog list is an ADD button. Click it, type in the URL, click NEXT, then choose to follow publicly or privately.

    I’ll be watching to see if you’re any luckier than me with the follower link! At least this way, they can follow us, even if we can’t see them!

    1. This is good information. Thank you. I’m going to let SewCalGal know about this too. She’s so good about letting people know how to “follow” and manage blogs.

      You must get a GO! I feel the same way about triangles – never did them until I got my GO!

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