Series of Accuquilt GO Blocks and EQ7

I wanted to make a series of instructions in EQ7 using my Accuquilt GO die system. These are blocks that are made with some of the basic dies using blocks from the EQ7 block library. The first set of 24 I’m going to do will be based on the finished 3″ and 6″ squares and triangles. The information will be available to you as pdf or EQ7 files that have four blocks per file.

The first block is a simpler version of Birds in the Air, one of my favorite blocks. Here’s a photo of the EQ7 file showing the dies used for this. Click the first block to bring up the pdf instructions.


4 Replies to “Series of Accuquilt GO Blocks and EQ7”

  1. It is very generous of you to offer to share your efforts with the rest of the world!! I am looking forward to being able to download the EQ7 files.
    Thank you, Marjorie! I always enjoy seeing what you are up to.

  2. Can’t thank you enough for doing this. I don’t yet have EQ, so its great that you are doing them in PDF also. New to the GO, and always looking for patterns that make use of the dies. Will watch for the posting of the files.

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’d put a similar project on the TO DO list, now I guess I’ll cross it of and concentrate on the unfinished items. So glad I found your blog!

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