Block #2 – Sarah’s Choice

This is a wonderful block. It’s a variation on the classic Variable Star block which is a four patch block. I’ll say more about four patch blocks later. I am listing the dies you will need and the cutting instructions. When I’ve finished four of these, I’ll put them together into a pdf and an EQ7 file for download.

Please notice that Color Patch D appears to be an unusual size. In fact, it is a quarter square triangle. If you’re new to quilting this terminology may be new to you. A quarter square triangle is one fourth of a square that is made up of four triangles. The long side of the triangle should always be on the straight grain of the fabric, and the inner sides should be on the bias grain. These triangles are used for Flying Geese blocks too. Tomorrow, I’ll do a block with flying geese.

Click on the block for printable instructions.

2. Sarah's Choice

The die that is used for the quarter square triangle is called a 4 7/8 inch Triangle. The longest side of the triangle is 6 1/2 inches and four of those triangles will make a 6 1/2 inch (6 inch finished) block or a 3 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch (3 x 6 inch finished) Flying Geese block. The really nice thing about the way Accuquilt made this die is that the layout on the die makes it easy to get the straight grain of the fabric on the longest side of the triangle.

Quarter Square Triangle Block
Flying Geese rectangle


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  1. hi thank you got my accuquilt go for Christmas now lots to learn. thanks to you and other blogs I’ll get lots of inspiration Jude

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