Block #3 – School Girl’s Puzzle (also called Old Maid’s Puzzle)

3.School Girl's Puzzle

Today’s block is School Girl’s Puzzle. This is such a pretty block and looks a lot like butterflies in a meadow. This is made of  half square triangles. What is really neat is that the large 6 1/2 inch triangle is matched with a pieced triangle. Make the block into four units: two units with the large triangles and two units of half square triangles and squares. Then sew the four units together.

I decided to show you what the block would look like set in a quilt, so you’ll see the quilt example below the block.

Triangle Tips: Getting all those points nice and sharp should be easy if you’re careful to have consistent 1/4 inch seam allowances. One of the things that I find is that when I’m sewing over a “point” that will have several thicknesses of fabric from the seam, my sewing machine sometimes wants to do a curvy little zag over that lump. I stitch with the seam on the underside and the smooth fabric on the top so the presser foot won’t catch and turn the fabrics. If the machine zags, I put that area of the seam back under the presser foot and go very slowly over it again. If the point has been cut off when I finish the seam and open it to look, I will quickly take my seam ripper and snip a few stitches in that area and restitch it with a shallower seam allowance so that the point is sharp.

School Girl's Puzzle Quilt

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