Block #4 – Dutchman’s Puzzle

This is a classic. I wish I knew the history of all these blocks, but you’ll have to get that information somewhere else. This block is made up of the flying geese block that we talked about. There are lots of ways to make geese using squares and stitching them together, cutting that apart, and re-stitching. However, now that the Accuquilt products are available, it’s easy to very accurately cut the triangles and match the corners because the dog ears are removed. Thus,when the triangle is cut, one gets a perfect fit matching the triangle corners; and the result is a perfect rectangle. Be careful when pressing not to distort the rectangle.

4. Dutchman's Puzzle

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    1. I love it too – it’s fun to revisit all the classics isn’t it? I think I’m going to make a sampler out of these blocks. It’s been years since I made a sampler.

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