Accuquilt EQ7 Blocks 1-4 Download

I have two downloads today. One is a pdf file with the first four blocks and the other is the EQ7 file with the first four blocks. I will create a section on the side that will take you to all the downloads over time.

Accuquilt EQ7 Blocks 1-4 Adobe pdf file download

Accuquilt EQ7 Blocks 1-4 EQ7 file download

Please note that I updated the files AGAIN! It seems on these first four blocks that every time I look at them I see terminology or die names or something that isn’t consistent from one block or page to another. In some ways I am just too detail oriented, although in general, I’m a big picture person–or maybe that’s the problem 🙂 Anyway, I hope these are correct. 

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  1. Marjorie,
    Thank you for taking on this project.

    I downloaded the EQ7 file and don’t understand – it comes up on the “quilt” worktable showing the Dutchman’s Puzzle block information with needed die cuts. (One would still have to print out the PDF information for the rest of the blocks.) However, when I click on the Sketchbook Quilts section it shows a nice suggested quilt layout. It would seem to me that the logical place to put the die cuts needed info would be on the notecard for each block, and with the text tool you can put the lettering on the block itself. That way the quilt and block screens in EQ7 would be consistent with the way other PJ7 files are set up.

    Does this make sense?

    Cheers, Linda

    1. Each block is set as a quilt on the quilt worktable in order to be able to use the text tool to write the instructions. I’m not sure what you mean about using the Notecard because in EQ7, you can’t copy and paste from the text tool to the notecard or back again–it’s very frustrating. Yes, I could put the text on the block when it is set as a quilt but there is no text tool for the block worktable, and if I did that you wouldn’t be able to see the block itself. You should be able to see all the blocks set as quilts with their text in the EQ7 file. If you can’t, please let me know. When I download it, I can see all the blocks on both in the quilt sketchbook with with text and in the block sketchbook as blocks. Hope this helps.

  2. Yes, please put together a page of translating the sizes of the dies into what they really are, un-finished and finished. They confuse me and I know I could be using my dies for more. Thank you for making the blocks available.

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