Block #5 – Turnstile Pinwheel

Today’s block is called Turnstile Pinwheel and the instructions include both a 12 inch finished block and an 8 inch finished block. I think you’re going to love sewing together these triangles because the shapes are cut so that you can match the pieces end to end and not have to worry about those pointy little dog ends getting hung in the feed dogs of your machine.

Quilting terminology is important, particularly around that quarter inch seam allowance and the finished size verses the cut size. Note that the cut size is 1/2 inch larger than the finished size. The first dies that Accuquilt released were named based on their cut size. The more recent dies have been named based on the finished block size. This has made writing instructions difficult because the names of the dies causes confusion as to whether it is a finished size or a cut size. For that reason, I have added the Item # from the Accuquilt website. This item # is also written on the label on the side of the die. It is in small print, so you may want to take a black Sharpie and write it larger on the side of the die so you can easily see it sitting in the rack.

I will use the standard quilting terminology for squares and triangles  and to include the square, half square triangle and quarter square triangle. Examples of the triangles are shown below. As you can see from the images, the half square triangle is a square cut once diagonally from corner to corner and the quarter square triangle is a square cut twice diagonally from corner to corner.

Half Square Triangle
Quarter Square Triangle Block

5.Turnstile Block

Author: Marjorie Busby

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