Block #6 – Ohio Star

This is a simple block and one of my favorites; however at first glance, the instructions look intimidating. Because Accuquilt does not yet have a 3 inch finished quarter square triangle, this block involves a little more rotary cutting than others for the 9 inch finished block. I prefer smaller blocks, so am looking forward to the day that they have a quarter square triangle 3″ patch die.

I have changed the format a bit because this seems to work better. The instructions will be included as as a link to an adobe file when you click on the block image. I am still debating as to whether it is worthwhile to have an EQ7 download, as the blocks are in the EQ7 library and the names I use are identical, so the only thing you need is the instruction sheet for cutting and that is in the adobe file. You can tell me what format works best for you for these files.

Based on the dies that you have, I would suggest that you use a highlighter pen before you start cutting to highlight the instruction sheet showing each cut you will make.

Ohio Star

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  1. i need the instrucions for a 12″ ohio star for rotary cutting in between squares i want 3″ strips i have my fabric but i need to know how many squares i need i need full instructions for a double size ohio star quilt

    1. That’s quite a tall order for that kind of instructions. I can tell you how to do the calculations yourself. Measure the top of your mattress. Determine the drop and the pillow fold (if desired). Calculate the estimated length and width from that. Then using the 12 inch block size and sashing width, determine how many blocks you need. Determine the number of pieces for each block and multiply the pieces times the number of blocks. Use the same process for sashing strips. Then you’re ready to cut. Hope this helps!

  2. I have downloaded the 1-4 blocks into EQ7, Thank You so much. I am just learning EQ and that helped a lot. Can not find the down load for the rest? Are they on your site and I just can’t find them? Thanks again

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