Block #7 – Road to Oklahoma

The last few days have been a whirlwind. I worked at the Womancraft cooperative all day Saturday and babysat and dogsat my grandchildren and their dogs Sunday and Monday. Toddlers can certainly keep one busy, but they are soooo much fun. It’s been years since I got little ones ready for pre-school, but we got there fully dressed and with everything we needed.  Of course, I didn’t do any quilting; but will be back in full swing starting this afternoon.

Today’s block is a fun one. Updated this post (10/22/2010) with link to instructions-see caption below.  This block should be done in two different color patterns to create the nice star pattern shown below. It also uses the chisel die as well as the 3-1/2 inch half square triangle and 3-1/2 inch square. It is easy to put together and the chisel die makes it even easier to cut.

Notes about constructing this block. Be careful when sewing triangles to the chisel shape. The chisels should all be cut in the same direction, i.e., right side up when placing fabric on the die. If you use something like a Kona cotton or light colored batik, both sides will work, so you can easily fanfold the fabric and cut without concern for right side vs wrong side direction. You should also be careful when sewing that you stitch the triangles onto the chisels in the same direction.

Cutting Instructions for Road to Oklahoma (12 inch finished block)

Road to Oklahoma Block 1
Road to Oklahoma Block 2
Road to Oklahoma Quilt

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  1. My name is ‘Marjorie Clay,’ and I was born in Oklahoma, so does that mean I have to make a “Clay’s Choice” AND “A Road to Oklahoma” quilt??

    1. LOL – yes, you not only have to make those two quilts, but I want you to send me photos that I can post on my blog. With the same first name as mine, I think that would be appropriate 🙂

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