Block #9 – Clay’s Choice

This block is very similar to Sarah’s Choice, but with the change of a geese patch to a chisel shape it gives a beautiful pinwheel. And you don’t have to have the chisel die to make this block. You can substitute a square and half square triangle which is the traditional way this block has been made over the years. There are some fun things you can do with this block. For example, if you change the color of diagonal squares (Color A) on the block, you will get a very pretty four-patch when you set the blocks together. If you use a subtle color change, the four-patch blocks won’t compete with the pinwheels for a very pretty quilt. Just think how lovely this would be in soft thirties pastel fabrics.

An upload for the pdf file instructions and images of the block and quilt are below. Click the block for the pdf instructions.

9. Clay's Choice quilt Block

9. Clays Choice Quilt with corner block color variation