Block #11 – Variable Star

This star block is an absolute classic. I think it’s probably one of the first blocks any of us ever makes when we’re learning to quilt. It can be done in many sizes, but typically we use the 12 inch block for our first samplers.

I thought it might  be helpful to tell you a little bit about  how I determine which dies to use for any given block when I’m working in Electric Quilt. The most useful tool is the rotary cutting instructions menu that can be accessed from the block worktable or the quilt worktable. To get rotary cutting instructions from the quilt worktable, you must have the block selected, then click Print, Rotary Cutting, Preview, and you will see the numbers. Be sure you have the desired finished block measurements in the menu and below that be sure to check “Round to nearest 1/8 inch” option.  This same menu can also be accessed from the block worktable.

EQ7 Rotary Cutting Menu
EQ7 Print Preview of Rotary Cutting Chart

You can use the GO! Cutting Equivalents Chart and look at the column “Actual Die Cut or Hand Cut Size” and find the same number in that column that matches the rotary cutting size. Then read across the line and find the die to be used.

Accuquilt GO Die Conversion Chart

If you have any questions about how to do this, let me know. Now, here’s today’s block–click the image for the pdf download.

11.Variable Star

7 Replies to “Block #11 – Variable Star”

  1. Hi I just recently purchaced EQ7 and also have the accuquilt studio.
    Have found your sight and am havving a little difficulty understanding.

    You offered to send a more detailed version and I would certainly appreciate it.

    Thanks again for all the designs


  2. Thanks for your instructions I finally understand how to use the charts. Always enjoy your blog.

    1. You are quite welcome. You know, it’s also a real bonus for me in creating these instructions – it makes me look extra hard at things and then I understand them better too 🙂

  3. Love the work that you are doing on the Accucut and EQ. I have had EQ for years now and am thinking about the Accucut. However, I normally don’t like seaming on a bias and use the other techniques to deal with triangles. Have you made many quilts with the 1/2 sq or 1/4 sq triangle cuts and are you getting good results eventhough you are sewing on the bias. I get a lot of stretching and prefer to stitch then cut.



    1. Hi Rita, I am like you about seaming on a bias and it took me quite awhile to even try it with the triangles cut with the Accuquilt cutter. I am absolutely amazed at how perfectly they go together. I honestly haven’t tried the 1/4 sq triangles yet, but the 1/2 sq ones go together perfectly. I use a size 10 or 11 needle and Aurifil thread and have very little trouble with that starting edge of the triangle. Every now and then, one will go through the needleplate, but not often. Last night I tried hand piecing the triangles and it is without a doubt the best hand piecing I have done. I do think the Accuquilt cutter takes some adjustment, but is well worth it in the long term. Best regards, Marjorie

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