Block # 12 – Single Irish Chain – simple and pretty

It’s time for a new block and to celebrate Monday, this block is a bit different than the others – NO TRIANGLES – but one of my favorites. It’s a single Irish chain. The nice thing about the Irish chain is that the pieced block alternates with a plain block and it’s a wonderful design to showcase your quilting. The other nice thing about an Irish chain is that there are so many different ways to cut it and stitch it together. You can cut it all as long strips, stitch the strips together, and then cut them into subunits, or you can cut it into individual pieces and stitch them together in rows. Or, you could even make four-patch blocks and stitch them together. The cutting instructions here are for the first two, you would have to make some modifications to cut it for construction as four patch blocks.

Single Irish Chain Block

And here’s an image of an EQ7 rendering showing all that wonderful space to showcase your quilting.

Single Irish Chain Quilt