Warm Fuzzy Circles Commentary

If you experience slow connections today, it is because the server has been attacked and every connection has to be filtered to let the good ones in. Hopefully everything will be up and back to normal speed soon. I had to go through http://b-quilts.com to get into the blog. I’ll upload photos when the server is back to normal.

I finished warm fuzzy circles, but am still not sure I like it. This is the reason: to my eye, there is too much contrast between the circles and the background. The overall design feels scattered to me, and there’s no place for my eye to settle/focus. I added a bright border that included the colors inside the blocks with a goal of framing the blocks and brining it all together. It’s a little better, but still leaves me feeling not quite connected. Quilting always helps, and I’m sure that washing it will make it even better because that will give it even more dimension than the quilting. My real sense is that the background would be better in a more beige or peach color that would tone down the brights rather than contrast so much with them.

Everything we do is a lesson. Someone once said to me that nothing is a mistake unless we fail to learn from it. Lesson learned!

The amazing thing about this whole quilt is how quickly I was able to get it together because of the Accuquilt GO! Cutting the circles and background squares took almost no time. And cutting the sashing was a breeze too. Every time I do something like this, I am amazed at what a wonderful tool this die cutter is. 

Author: Marjorie Busby

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