Ohhhhh, the weather outside is frightful!

It is sooooooooo cold here! I can’t remember ever having snow on the ground for almost a week. It rained it all away on Sunday, but it was so cold last week that the snow from the weekend stayed around until the rain. And this morning it’s 29 degrees F. In North Carolina we’re more used to snow one day and 70 degrees (or at least 50 degrees) the next.

I worked all day at the Womancraft Fine Handcrafted Gifts and Gallery coop on Saturday. I am a juried member there and am really enjoying being in the gallery and fellowship with other artists. I finished a quilt early Saturday morning and hung it there on Saturday. Here’s a photo. It is embroidery of snowmen and snowflakes mixed with 9-patch blocks. I recently bought a very basic embroidery machine– doesn’t it look nice. You’ve seen these 9-patch blocks before on the light blue pinwheel quilt. They make a great setting when used with sashing–and my Accuquilt GO will cut all the sashing and blocks in a flash–more details below.

The quilting was done with Glide thread on the top and a cotton magna-bobbin on the bottom – all from Fil-Tec. The Glide thread is shiny and pretty. I used Isacord thread for the embroidery. Another note – the red is really red, not the deep burgundy you see on the screen.

Snow Quilt
Detail of Snow Quilt

I had planned to take photos of how I do this, but the quilt went together so easily, that the blocks were made before I knew it. I think you can see the block and sashing detail in the image above. The 9-patch block and sashing are all made using the 2-1/2 inch strip die. I cut strips of the two solid fabrics. Remember that I always cut my strips lengthwise now that I use the Accuquilt GO for cutting. It makes a huge difference in the way strip piecing goes together and having nice square blocks. The blocks are all 6-1/2 inches unfinished (6 inches finished), and the sashing is the same width as the strips for the blocks. The cornerstones on the sashing is what gives me the nice Single Irish chain look. Here’s a diagram from EQ7 which shows the layout and the sashing.

Diagram of Snowmen quilt from EQ7

7 Replies to “Ohhhhh, the weather outside is frightful!”

    1. thank you. This setting is so much fun, simple but elegant and a wonderful way to showcase those blocks. I’d suggest a background fabric that wouldn’t require so much care to remove every single stray red thread.

  1. Boy this quilt is beautiful and so easy to make, even the embroidery! I embroider a lot. Could you tell me the designs you used as they are really cute. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Thanks for all your tips as I always read them as they come out.

    1. Thank you, the quilting is my standard free-hand baroque swirls, but it reminds me of swirling snow. I think I’m going to enjoy having an embroidery machine.

  2. I like everything about this quilt! Somewhere I have a disc of similar designs (maybe the same one?) and will now use it exactly the same way…hope that’s ok. The color on my monitor is a burgandy – and it is stunning.

    1. I got these designs from an online website, so you probably have seen them before. The snowflakes are from the Bunnycup embroidery site and the snowmen are from the SiCK Embroidery website. The snowmen have so many jumps that I am going to try to find another set before I do this again. They are adorable snowmen though.

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