Simple and Elegant – from scraps

You know how many smaller pieces of fabric you have left over. With the Accuquilt GO, I cut them into the largest possible denominator and follow advice from Bonnie Hunter over at for sorting. This is helpful for keeping my Mom supplied with pieces to stitch. It’s nice because Mother can piece a quilt in a day or two. The last set of nickels I sent were supposed to have the strips sewed to two sides like attic windows. The message got crossed, and she sewed the short strips to opposite sides. I am going to cut more strips so she can frame the nickels with the fabric and then set it into sashing for this quilt. I think it will look very nice when it’s done. She’ll have it done in a flash, but I’m quite sure that I can’t quilt it before Christmas. What would I do without my Accuquilt GO to cut things like this. It saves me so much time. I can just cut the strips and put them in a Priority Mail envelope and off they go.

On another note, I just came back from a visit with her. I gave her Christmas gift early because I thought she would enjoy. She loves to read, but is sometimes hard pressed to find large print books. It seemed to me that an Amazon Kindle would be perfect. While she often has had trouble using a computer mouse, she had no trouble at all figuring out what to do with the buttons on the Kindle. The ability to adjust the size of the print is wonderful for her.

Here’s my EQ7 draft of the quilt she’s working on:

Mother's Color Blocks

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  1. Marjorie,
    your mother’s “goof” is one of my favorites for our community quilts – I use a 5″ square and 2 1/2″ strips. Block in center, short strips on opposite sides, then long strips on other opposite sides. This way I can put half the strips on, then press and trim, then put the others on, press and trim. It’s a basic Courthouse Steps pattern. 5 blocks by 7 blocks makes a nice 43″ x 60″ lap quilt or you can add borders.
    Cheers, Linda E.

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