Happy New Year 2011

I love the New Year – it’s wonderful to feel that opportunity for a fresh beginning. SewCalGal wrote about her UFO’s and linked to year long UFO project proposed by Judy Laquidara over at Patchwork Times. It was not hard for me to find 12 projects to list. Many of them are quilt tops that are finished, but just need to be quilted. What makes it doubly hard for me is that I not only have my own UFOs, but I also have my Mom’s UFOs that were shelved when she had her stroke three years ago. She wants them finished, and I have been trying to help. So, here’s my list of UFOs, some of which are my Mom’s:

1. I made a quilt like this which won a ribbon in the 2007 guild show. I gave that quilt to my Mom, so wanted to make one for myself. The blocks are finished, but the quilt still needs to be assembled.

Pine Trees and Log Cabins

2. This quilt needs to be quilted. I know how I want to quilt it, but never load it because I know it will take at least two weeks to complete the quilting.

Sunbonnet Sue

3. This is another quilting project. I want to do custom on this and the outlining and background fills will take a lot of time.

Thirties Quilting Project

4. This project and number 5 are quilts for my grandsons. These too, are completed tops that needs to be quilted. Again, I want to do custom quilting on them so have not carved out enough time on the frame for each of them.

Batik Stars I

5. Batik Stars 2

Batik Stars II

6. Christmas Tree Skirt

Started this a couple of weeks ago and finished the embroidery, but not the quilting.

Christmas Tree Skirt

7. Half Fast Log Cabin – these blocks were originally a Greek key and were split with this beautiful batik. It still needs borders and quilting.

Half Fast Log Cabin

8. These squares are left over fabric from two other quilts. I thought this would make a beautiful attic windows quilt.

Attic Windows

9. This is a BOM that mother started before she had her stroke in 2007. It needs sashing, borders, and quilting.

Mother's BOM

10. This is another of Mother’s projects with the blocks completed before she had her stroke.

Mother's crazy patch blocks

11. Krazy Kats wall hanging.

Krazy Kats

12. Alphabet panel for baby quilt. I had completed shadow trapunto on the first two letters, but am not sure I will keep it. I am thinking I will take the shadow trapunto basting out and start over.

Alphabet panel for baby quilt

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  1. Wow Margorie – these are all wonderful projects! I hope you have been setting up that calendar space for these – can’t wait to see how you finish them!!

    1. Yes, I think calendar space for these is the only way they will get finished. I seem to be getting better at completing projects now that I’m not dividing my attention between work at the university and quilting at home. Your quilting is so beautiful, I’ll have to ask your advice before I start the two star quilts. It is refreshing to pull the projects out and look at them – makes me excited about finishing them.

  2. Oh Marjorie, I love all your UFO projects. And I’m so very happy you are joining the fun of Judy’s 2011 UFO challenge. I’m looking forward to quilting with you, seeing all our UFOs progress, and celebrating our finishes together. Going to be a great year.


    1. Thank you. That border is straight out of the border tool in EQ6. I decided to try something different and went through all the borders in EQ6 until I found something I liked. On Batik Stars I the border is even prettier. I’ll have to write a post on borders – as that is the part most of us skip if we can 🙂

  3. HI Marjorie..is Krazy kats yours..do you like that? why, I am just asking…love it…mmmmm
    really like what you do…see I would have never known, had you not posted..

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