Dueling Triangles Quilt

You may remember a quilt I made back in September. I posted a video but never posted the written instructions. I have now uploaded those instructions and you will now find the written instructions in the left column with other instructions and videos. If you would like direct links:

Dueling Triangles video

Dueling Triangles written instructions

I am back from traveling and headed to the gym first thing and then to meet with a quilting client. After that I will be back to my cleaning and organization activities. On the way back from the mountains yesterday, I stopped at the Ikea store in Charlotte and picked up some of their stackable plastic boxes. I love them as they are affordable and clear and square and stack so nicely on my shelves. Quilting and sewing and most artistic endeavors are intrinsically messy activities, but we are all so much more productive when things are neat and organized. I find that in the midst of creating, I pull out bolts and bolts of fabric and boxes of cut pieces before I find just the right combination to suit my fancy. But in the end, it all has to go back. If it’s organized in the first place, getting it back in order is much easier. The other thing that is so important for getting it back in order is not to have too much of anything — use it up or throw it away. And that is what I do at the end of every year. It is good to go through and re-purpose or get rid of projects that we’re not ever going to finish.

Besides the Ikea boxes, I love the Polar Notions fabric bolts. There’s a link on the right to their website. It truly makes organizing one’s fabric much easier. 

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