Cutting Equivalents Chart and Naming Patches

Again today, I am talking about some of the basics of quilting and combining that with information about using the Accuquilt GO die cutting system and the Cutting Equivalents Chart.

It can be confusing as to whether one is talking about cut sizes or finished sizes when quilting. Using the Accuquilt GO die system is no different. To clear that up there is a great chart on the website called “Cutting Equivalents Chart”. You can use that chart to determine how to cut almost anything. If you know the finished or cut size of the patches in the quilt block you can determine which die to use to cut the pieces that you need. In addition, if you are making applique blocks or quilts, you can look at this chart and determine what size background you will need for the applique shapes. It gives you some idea, in terms of size and scale, as to which applique pieces you can mix and match to compose your block.

The other very nice thing about this Cutting Equivalents Chart is that it helps you shop for dies to be sure you are getting a die that “fits” your needs.

This chart includes the following shapes:

Flying Geese
Other (parallellogram)

Classic Shapes

There are three kinds of triangles included in the triangle section. They are equilateral, half square, and quarter square/flying geese. The pictures below show you what a half square triangle is and the two versions of the quarter square triangle. Sometimes you will see it as four triangles in a square, other times you will see it as a single triangle in a rectangular patch.

I do not have a photo of an equilateral triangle, but that is easy to remember because the name tells is a perfect description of the triangle itself.  Remember, an equilateral triangle is a tessellation and does not fit in a square. Each angle of an equilateral triangle is 60 degrees.

Half Square Triangle
Quarter Square Triangle

Flying Geese Triangle

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  1. After I followed your link to see the chart, I wanted to find it on the AccuQuilt site to see if they had a Studio version of it. I can’t find even the one you posted. I’ll save yours but wish I could know where to look on the actual site.

  2. Marjorie-
    I did post a message today to ask AQ to put a revision date on the Ref charts so that we can easily tell whether we have the newest version.
    Cheers, Linda E.

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