Bias Binding and the Accuquilt GO-progress

A lot of people have asked about bias binding. Ebony has a great video tutorial on cutting bias binding on the Studio cutter. But there are 10 layers of fabric when it’s all folded for the Studio cutter and that won’t work for the GO. I have some written instructions for folding the fabric to fit the GO strip dies. But my instructions require some stitching and there are some very short pieces that become part of the strips. The old fashioned way to do it is shown by Shelley Rodgers who has a great chart for how much bias you will get as well as how to make the bias.

Bottom line, I’m not happy with any of those ways, so spent some time yesterday cutting bias binding and trying to find a simple, easy way to fold and cut bias on the GO. I am sorry to report I don’t have the absolute answer yet, but happy to report that I made progress. The yards and yards of bias that I made with my experiments yesterday will go on scrappy comfort/charity quilts, and I’m sure that I will make more bias today.

Why bias, you ask? Well, with bias binding you can do rounded corners very easily and it saves a lot of time and looks great. When I use straight binding, I always do mitered corners. I want that miter stitched in very perfectly and it takes a lot of time to do that. Thus the decision that there must be another way for binding comfort and everyday quilts. I got this idea at Christmas when I saw one of the first Christmas quilts I made for one of my daughter’s and it had rounded corners. 

Author: Marjorie Busby

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6 thoughts on “Bias Binding and the Accuquilt GO-progress”

  1. I love that you are working on this process. I just made bias binding and went back to plain old cutting with rotary cutter. I love stripe binding on the bias so that’s why I’ve needed it lately. In local quilt shop this weekend I found a stripe fabric printed diagonally that was perfect for a UFO; I almost passed out. LOL

  2. I have just found it easier to cut bias manually and be happy with the cuts that are faster with AccuQuilt. But if you or anyone else comes up with an easier way with the GO! I’ll be interested. In the meantime, I love the GO! but don’t expect it to be the cutting solution for every cut.


  3. Do you have the instructions for the binding that you love? I have searched your site over and can’t find exactly what I remembered you talking about. Help a girl out if you will!

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