Cut-Sew-Cut Technique for Making Nine-Patch Blocks with the Accuquilt GO

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For several days I have been working on instructions for the method I use to make nine patch and four patch blocks using the Accuquilt GO. I find it is a very efficient technique for making these blocks, and it is much more efficient than sewing long strips together and then re-cutting them. The technique involves cutting strips across the width of fabric that will fit across the accuquilt GO die, stitching those strips together and then re-cutting them with the accuquilt GO. It means I only use the rotary cutter once and that is to get the width of fabric cut.

And – if you’re interested in knowing exactly how much fabric to cut without coming up short or having too many extra blocks, there are instructions for calculating how many strips you need. Instructions as an adobe file are on the Instructions and Videos page.


Author: Marjorie Busby

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  1. You beat me to it again! 🙂 And it’s a good thing, because your instructions are much more detailed than I had planned. 🙂 Awesome job!

  2. Thanks again Marjorie for this quick 9P tutorial. I love the cut-sew-cut speed technique!

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