Trying something new

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Today’s post is about trying new things. The challenge of finding the best technique is never-ending. Judy Danz mentioned to me that she has been using glue sticks instead of fusible for machine embroidery applique. I also have used glue stick on some things – like door hangers, but never on more delicate applique. So, I decided to give it a try. With Judy’s technique, she starches the fabric before cutting the applique, then uses glue stick around the edge of the wrong side of the applique. I used glue stick on the background just inside the die line. My method was a bit messier, but my fabric had not been starched, and I was afraid I would stretch it. But I wanted to show you the results. I love this method–it leaves the applique so much softer. Because of the number of stitches and the length of the stitch into the fabric, I do not believe the fabric will fray. I already washed the flower that is shown below, and it looks as good as new. What do you think?

Applique applied with glue stick


One important thing is that I really did manipulate the fabric to make sure that it came all the way out to the stitched die line. Because it is softer without fusible on the back, that was easier to do. I also used my mini iron to press the glued applique piece onto the background so that it would quickly dry.

Remember, these craft glue sticks are just starch, so they wash out very easily, leaving your work soft and beautiful.

4 Replies to “Trying something new”

  1. Glad you had great results….. and I’m impressed with the wash test. Love your blanket-stitch applique too. Lately I have been putting the glue on the background just inside the stitch line. It seems to work great. Like you, I manupulate the piece to get the edges right up to the placement line. I didn’t realize the craft glue sticks were starch, even better. Thanks for the great post.

    1. Thank you for the nudge to use the glue. I use it a lot for so many other things and had used it a lot for embroidered door hangers, but was not sure it would work for this. Putting it on the background is perfect. The Elmer’s school glue stick is a little “thick” in terms of getting it inside the lines. I wonder if that Sewline glue pen would work better as it is more like a marker than a glue stick.

  2. I would like know if you could tell me if judy danz catus flower quilt was publish as a pattern with instructions on how to make it? love her colors in it.

  3. Collen – Accuquilt owns the pattern for this quilt and have never published it. Since it’s been over a year, I think it has gotten lost, never to be seen again!!! Waaaaa!!!! One of these days I may do a variation of that pattern that I will own and can make available. Thank you so much for asking. I love the quilt… and BTW, I have not made the quilt. Tablerunner, but no quilt.

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