Borders for Tilted Quilt Blocks Cut With the Strip Die

Have you used the Serendipity tool in Electric Quilt 7? It’s a lot of fun. I tried the tilted quilt block tool. With the serendipity tool, the corner of the block comes all the way to the edge of the tilt. I wanted the tilt to have some width at both ends of the triangle, so I used the tool twice and it worked perfectly.

I had gotten inspiration from a table runner that I saw on Facebook. I realized that the tilted blocks would be perfect for the screen printed animals that I have had for almost a year now. Haven’t I always said each quilt comes into being in its own time? Recently, I have really liked quilts with soft or bright colors and white sashing and white backgrounds – it just looks so clean and neat and happy. So here’s the project I worked on last week (besides quilting a couple of quilts).

The blocks are screen prints from Jody Cedzidlo at Flytrap Studios. She makes great t-shirts with her art and was generous to print fabric for me.

Tilted Blocks with Screen Print Animals


Tilted Block


Cutting Instructions for Block Borders

Author: Marjorie Busby

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