Embroidery for Accuquilt Dragonfly Die and Giveaway

Join the Quilters of the Caribbean giveaway for the possibility of $1100 in prizes. This is sponsored by Accuquilt, Golden Threads, and Handiquilter. And if you join that giveaway and subscribe to my blog through Networked Blogs on Facebook, I’ll email you the embroidery file for the dragonfly embroidery. Networked blogs on FB is a nice way to read blogs, as a short blurb shows up in your newsfeed with a link to the blog. It seems FB is getting to be the Village Square  and it is very neat and efficient.

Dragonfly Applique

Now, for the dragonfly – here are some photos showing step by step how I did the applique. The dragonfly has a nice honeycomb body. I like embroidery where there are minimal thread changes. Thus, this is a great opportunity to use thread and fabric to create the contrast without changing the thread on the machine.

I tweaked the yellow and green dragonfly just a bit and the result is the dragonfly at the end. But I loved the colors so much more on the yellow and green one that I just had to show you.

And I’d love to know what you think – whether you prefer the blanket stitch applique or whether you prefer the satin stitch applique. Do you like a wide satin stitch or a narrow one? These are the little questions that I always have when I’m working on a design, so I’d like to hear from you.

Dragonfly on Die


Dieline Stitched for Placement of Applique


Pressing applique onto dieline


Completed Dragonfly

6 Replies to “Embroidery for Accuquilt Dragonfly Die and Giveaway”

  1. I love this & have both a dragonfly die as well as butterfly. What is it about these two shapes that I enjoy so much at my age? I think the combination of the satin stitch, as you’ve shown, on the body and the blanket stitch on the wings looks very nice. If I were sewing the critters over any fabric where it might at all have similar coloring, I would prefer the satin stitch to outline it better. Anywhere with good contrast wouldn’t be so necessary.

    1. Cathy, you are so right about the satin stitch around the wings. I got not a single request for the dragonfly with the applique stitch around the wings. It appears everyone likes your idea better. I digitized and stitched one with the satin stitch edge and it is much prettier. Will send you both designs.

  2. Wow, Thanks! I actually love your dragonfly both ways! I do have one comment about FB though…sometimes I don’t get to go on every day, & often I can’t access all the posts, as FB will only let you go back so far. Perhaps I don’t know the secrets, but I don’t like to be limited to only the last “X” # of posts! I have subscribed to most of the blogs I follow now with google reader, as I believe was suggested by SEW-CAL-Gal. This works better for me, as I also created folders where the filters put all the blogs I follow by type: embroidery, quilting, applique, cooking, etc.
    I hope your grand-daughter is improving all the time. Forgive me if I am not aware of her current condition. But will pray for her in her recovery!

    1. I use Google reader too – it’s a great tool. Didn’t know about the folders though – I’ll check that out. I am just beginning to use FB for blogs–but I could never follow the number of blogs on FB that I do in Google reader.

      Ezri is doing well. She’s back in preschool for 2-3 hours in the morning, but taking long naps and recovering beautifully. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers.

  3. Very cute ME design. Love the eyes too!

    So happy to hear Ezri is doing well and back in preschool, a few hours each day. I still have her in my prayers and hope she continues to to get better and hopefully doesn’t ever need another surgery.


  4. i think I like the combination of satin and blanket stitch on your dragonfly.

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