Machine Embroidery Using Die Cut Applique

I’ve been having so much fun doing machine embroidery using die cut appliques. It makes the dies so much more usable because you can get a project up and going in no time at all. I have digitized a lot of the Accuquilt dies, but the ones I’ve been playing with this week are the Critters die, the Fun Flower die,  and the Holiday Medley die.

Using die cuts is the best way I have found to do machine embroidery applique. I have tried stitching the fabric down and cutting around it as well as cutting the applique shape by hand. Neither way has been satisfactory to me. Die cuts are the cat’s pajamas!

Another option you can consider is that you can use Elmer’s school glue stick (the purple stuff) on the base fabric just inside the die line and fit the appliqué shape onto that and then press that with the mini-iron.

Here’s the quilt top that is almost finished:

Closeup of Critters and Flowers


Notice that for most of the appliqué that I do, I only use one color thread – that makes it easy to stitch – but it’s a way of showing off and enhancing the appliqué shape and the fabric.

And here’s a closeup:




Fun Flower



And a pic-tutorial showing how I did these – it’s so easy and fun.

Notice that I ventured into Christmas!

Stitch the Die Line onto the Base Block


Fit the die cut applique onto the die lines


Fuse appliqué shape into place using small iron


And a completed Christmas Tree


Holly Leaves


And here’s the Christmas quilt I’m going to make with the holiday medley die:

EQ Christmas Quilt using Holiday Medley Die

11 Replies to “Machine Embroidery Using Die Cut Applique”

  1. Hi Marjorie,

    These are stunning ! how did you get the right scale and shape into your digitizing software ?

    What program do you use

    Thanks for this – Lynne

    1. Hi Lynne, I scanned the shapes, but then had to measure and stitch and re-stitch until I got them exactly the right size. It takes a lot of time, but well worth it in the end.

  2. Marjorie,
    I am very new to machine embroidery and do not have the ability to digitize anything. Would you consider sharing the files for the butterfly and fun flower since I do have those dies??
    Hope all is going well otherwise in your life.
    Hot here and smoky a lot of the time – it seems like the whole state is burning down…. With only 1/3 inch of rain so far this year and little last fall, it’s no wonder.
    Cheers, Linda

    1. We got back from Arizona mid-May, and it was drier than I’ve ever seen it. I have been watching the info on the fires – I am praying for rain for you.

      I am going to set up a webpage this week with my designs on it. Some will be for sale and some will be free. I’ll put a link on my blog when I get it set up. The fun flower will definitely be a free one.

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