Sherry’s Crumb Blocks

My friend, Sherry Gray, sent an email yesterday saying she had just finished her crumb block quilt. She is committed to making comfort (charity) quilts and is one of the most prolific piecers I have ever met. I’m not sure where she came across the crumb block concept, but she loves it. I asked her to describe how she makes the blocks and will use her description below.

Crumb Blocks in Progress

From Sherry:  I made this quilt because the price of fabric has gone so high and it’s a good way to make a comfort quilt without buying too much fabric. Now that I know how to make a crumb block, I have my little pieces organized somewhat by size so I can just whip out one or two blocks a week without having to make all the blocks at once. Then all that will be left is sashing and a border.

I start with two small pieces, because the seams grow longer as you add pieces around the center. Ideally, it works best if you wind up with a block with more than four sides because you have shorter seams. Generally, after a seam is made I angle the block and make a straight cut, then add another scrap, or cut-off piece from the previous block I made. When the edges get long, and I can’t add more scrappy block pieces, I add a 2-1/2  or 3-1/2 inch strip. That strip is cut when the block is sized, and you then have a scrappy start to the next block.

I did not do foundation piecing, but I did press the seams as I went. The first blocks I made didn’t seem to be turning out the way I thought they would, so I cut them up and reused them!  (You can see some of the cut up blocks in the closeup of the blocks above) The scrappy blocks are 6 1/2 finished and the sashing is 1″ finished.

Closeup of Piecing

Finished Crumb Quilt


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  1. I didn’t realize that what I’ve been doing in recent years is “crumb block” quilting! Sherry’s blocks are more of a crazy quilt type block than mine (my blocks tend to use squares, rectangles and strips), but it certainly is a great way to use up all those beautiful scraps for a charity quilt.

  2. I’ve been making crumb quilts for years. Bonnie Hunter ( has a tutorial on how she makes them and this is what I follow. I use these as donations to the Quilt of Valor program. They are lots of fun an use lots of little scrap pieces. My blocks measure 4.5 inches finished and I use about 1 inch finished sashing.

    1. Sue, I’ve seen the ones Bonnie does, and some of them are very tiny pieces. I like the idea of doing bigger ones in the size you and Sherry are doing. If you have pictures to share, I’d love to post them here.

  3. Marjorie, some of my pieces are very tiny! I have several of these quilts posted on my webshots site and others on my flickr site. Here is a link to my webshots picture:

    My flickr site is There are several quilts – the only difference, I believe, are the borders and one has squares that measure 4″ finished. Most of the others are 4.5″ finished. They are in the Quiltville quilts album and the QOV album. If you want to post any of these, let me know and I’ll send them to you (please tell me where to send them).

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