Rail Fence Quilt Instructions

Recently someone asked for instructions for a rail fence quilt. This is a great quilt for both beginners and long time quilters; and it’s one of my favorites. Sherry Gray just finished a beautiful purple one to be given as a comfort quilt,  and we were so inspired that we got together and wrote these instructions. Just click on the Free Stuff link above and scroll down to the Rail Fence Quilt Instructions link. Please enjoy them and share.

The instructions I have written have directions for cutting with the Accuquilt GO cutter as well as rotary cutting instructions.

Rail fence blocks have many variations. They may have three or four ‘rails’ and the rails may be the same size or different sizes. Here are some examples that I created in EQ7.

Rail Fence Block with Even Strips



Rail Fence Block with Uneven Strips



Rail Fence Block with Four Strips