More Crumb Quilts – Post #2

This is a followup to the post last week about Sherry’s Crumb Quilts that she has been making. There is a great tutorial by Bonnie Hunter at on making Crumb Quilts. I also got a great email from Sue in Scottsdale, AZ showing me some of her crumb quilts. I’m going to share Sue’s quilts and her tutorial comments today. Sue has even more photos at her Flickr photo gallery.

Thank you Sue for this great information.

From Sue:

When I make my crumbs, I start with really tiny pieces. I use anything that is bigger than about ¾ inch in all directions. I usually chain piece so I am working on anywhere from 10 to 15 blocks at a time. When I get enough “blocks” started, I take them to the ironing board and press my seams. I then trim the seams so I don’t have any extra bulk – many of the pieces I use don’t match up exactly but I don’t really care. I then start the next round and keep going around like this until I get to a point where the block is big enough to square up. I usually make my blocks 5 inches unfinished (4½ inches finished). When I trim my blocks, I use whatever is cut off to start my next blocks. If the scraps are really tiny, I throw them into a bag and give to my friend who uses them to stuff pillows for the no-kill shelter in the area. We don’t waste anything!.