Marking Accuquilt Applique Die Shapes

One of my long-term projects is to create embroidery files for all of the Accuquilt applique die shapes. Thus, I have been slowly but surely purchasing every applique die. Sometimes I find it very hard to see exactly where the die blade is and I want to know how the shapes look. Yesterday I had a small epiphany for finding the applique shapes. Look at these photos and you’ll see what I saw. It really helps tremendously. And all of the tape is easily removed after the die shapes have been marked.







Author: Marjorie Busby

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8 thoughts on “Marking Accuquilt Applique Die Shapes”

  1. Marjorie, you are so clever! That is near genius. May I suggest that you list what size hoop is needed for your embroidery for each die.(and you may already, I haven’t looked yet)
    I have only a 4″ square field. So I could choose which dies to get that would work for me with your applique embroidery.

    1. Gene, thank you – that’s a great idea to list what size each die is in mm so ME’s can tell whether it will work for their machine. I know a lot of people who only have a 4 inch field – I think that’s 100 x 100 mm – and most of the designs are much larger. I will work on a chart like that as soon as the July 4th holiday is done.

  2. Great idea. I’ve actually used a bond paper to create a template that I then use to mark the die. I also use the paper to help scan & digitize. But I do love your tape idea. Definitely sticks so you know you get a perfect marking right off the bat.


  3. Thank you so much for sharing this great idea. I have had problems determining where the dies are especially on the smaller pieces. This will be a
    great time saver for me.

  4. This is a great idea! And if you use a SILVER sharpie, the lines are even easier to see. I assume you take the rest of the tape off after marking? Would it hurt the dies performance if you didn’t?

    1. I have done this leaving the tape on and taking the tape off and it works great either way. Have had bad experience 🙁 with the silver Sharpie although many, many others use them all the time. The silver Sharpie permanent markers that I bought continue to rub off onto the fabric more than a year after marking–I do not understand it. I do occasionally use Silver Sharpies, but only when I know it will be against fusible paper or I know that I will always put paper between the die and the fabric.

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