Dressing a Christmas Table Runner with Machine Embroidery and Die Cuts

You know that I’m not into ornate things – but I do like elegant – and sometimes that means very simple. I have been working on some machine embroidery to be used for embellishments on things like table runners and tree skirts and any other things that may need embellishing at Christmas time. What’s really nice about these is that there is no top or bottom, so they work on things like table toppers which are seen from all directions. I took  the large circle die and checked all my other dies to see what shapes fit inside it.  Here are some photos of what I’ve done. I hope to have all of these and more available as an embroidery set by Saturday.  These circles are about 5 1/2 inches or 130 mm finished.

Christmas Table Runner






8 Replies to “Dressing a Christmas Table Runner with Machine Embroidery and Die Cuts”

  1. Margorie, you do such beautiful work. Is the circle design available? Let us all know so we can get started.

  2. I need these circle designs. They have great potential! Can’t wait to play with them.

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