Twin Size Quilt for Sunbonnet Sue

Someone asked me to create a twin size quilt for Sunbonnet Sue using the 2-1/2 inch strip die or the 4-1/2 inch strip die.  It can easily be done with a 10 inch finished block and a 2 inch finished sashing strip. Here’s the 10 inch finished connector block:


And here’s the finished quilt. It will be approximately 67 x 91 inches finished. A twin bed mattress is 39 inches x 74 inches, so this size quilt will give adequate drop and pillow tuck.

This is a great pattern, not only for a Sunbonnet Sue quilt, but just think of using any other fabric with a great print in place of those Sunbonnet Sue blocks.

4 Replies to “Twin Size Quilt for Sunbonnet Sue”

  1. I love this Sunbonnet Sue quilt. Do you have a machine embroidery appliqué program for this? I would love to have it if it is available for purchase.

  2. This quilt design is perfect for the Sues I want to make! Are cutting instructions for the connector blocks available? I do not know how to figure out cutting sizes to get a 10 inch block. I love it! Thanks.

    1. The connector blocks are made with the 2-1/2″ strip die. It is simply a grid of 5 x 5 with each square being a finished 2″ square. That’s how one makes this a 10″ block. Does that make sense?

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