Gingham Dog Machine Embroidery

I just finished digitizing the Gingham Dog Accuquilt die, and he is just adorable – of course, “he” could be a “she.” But I need some ideas for what to do with all these puppies that I have embroidered. I’d love to hear from some of you for quilt or project ideas for these little ones. What do you think?




Author: Marjorie Busby

My blog is about helping other quilters learn to use great tools in their quilting through what I can teach and through finding other bloggers who have good information. In addition, I am a mother and grandmother. Other hobbies include any other stitchery which makes me happy at the moment. I worked in clinical research for most of my career. I am now retired and enjoying every minute.

6 thoughts on “Gingham Dog Machine Embroidery”

  1. Super duper cute. Ideas? Oh my, it is almost 1am. I may not sleep as I think of all the things I could create with this cute design.

    Poodle skirt? Baby quilts? Quilts to enter in the Pets on Quilts show? Quilts for fundraisers for your local Animal Shelter? Toy bags for kids? Applique’ embellishment on sweaters? Bath towel embellishment? Table runners ? Wallhangings? Dish towels? What about stand alone doggies for kids to play with, like paper dolls? Ok, it is almost 1am. I’m heading off to bed, but I think I’ll keep coming up with more ideas before I fall off to sleep.

    Love your cute puppy machine embroidery designs.


  2. Marjorie!
    Wouldn’t these cute little puppies look adorable on a little ones pillowcase, I can see the pokey little puppies wallhanging with some dog house and dog bones. Oh it is so adorable! Thanks for sharing them with us! Love ’em!

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