Great suggestions for the Gingham Dog

Don’t forget, next week I’m having a giveaway of an Accuquilt Baby GO and three dies to one lucky reader.

The suggestions and ideas for the Gingham Dog were so wonderful and creative that I just had to build him/her a doghouse. Now wouldn’t it be cute to make a table runner or baby quilt with alternating dog, doghouse, and dog print fabric blocks. Here’s the doghouse. I will be adding it to the Dog Embroidery Set and will send it to those who have already purchased the set.

dog house


With a big snowfall in the Northeast this weekend (this is still October remember?), I have been working on new versions of snowflakes and will have a new set of snowflakes available sometime next week. They will make wonderful Christmas quilts. One of the things I find about the snowflakes and all of the applique dies (especially flowers) is that they have a tendency to puff up in the middle when they go into a quilt. This is just the same concept that we see when quilting – the stitches should be evenly spaced for an even density throughout the entire design area. Thus, when designing for machine embroidery, I like to add elements to the middle where quilting stitches can be laid down within the actual design so that there is nice definition of the full design without that middle “cup.” Here are a couple of the snowflakes I worked on last week.



You know, it’s kind of funny in the ways that this assymetrical snowflake has affected me. In the beginning, it made me a little crazy that someone would design a snowflake that was assymetrical. But I’ve come to appreciate that bit of wonkiness. In fact, when put into a quilt, that little bit of assymetry actually makes the snowflake look like it is spinning. So, I have decided that I like that part of it after all.


4 Replies to “Great suggestions for the Gingham Dog”

  1. Very good idea about the centers of the appliques and what to do to avoid the puffiness (which can sometimes be too much). 🙂

  2. Marjorie
    I am loving your embroiderys.
    The dog house is a great idea !!!
    Best Wishes

  3. Hello Marjorie ~ I wandered over from SewCalGal’s blog after reading about her Sweet Lullaby Quilt today. I really like the embroidery items I’ve seen so far here. In the last snowflake above the center you’ve added is very nice looking.

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